Gregory J.
Before I got this plate I was virtually knocking my prints off with a hammer and chisel and even then with a great deal of force. Now, most of the time, the prints pop off before I’ve fully released the plate. I wish I had bought this originally with the printer. It’s a must have.
Westley K.
I wasn’t getting on well with the Borosilicate Glass bed on my Tenlog printer. This was a massive improvement and a fairly cheep fix. No more masking tape or printing on rafts.
Robert M.
Grate magnetic bed plate makes print removal and breeze
Ronald K.
Prior to fitting this plate I was struggling to get the workpiece to adhere to the bed. To do it I had the bed temp up around 80 degrees and the hot end at 230. Since fitting,bed temp has come down to 60 degrees, might even try it cooler to see what works. Hot end is now 215. Work looks better and can print quicker. Wish I had done this earlier. I would even go so far as to classify this as an essential upgrade. It's just not worth the hassle of trying to get the original bed to work.
Jon S. review of PrimaCreator FlexPlate-Powder Coated PEI
Jon S.
Works a treat with Eryone PETG… magnetic bed is really nice to work with