ROD S. review of Creality3D Sermoon D1 3D Printer
Easy to assemble basically works as soon as it’s built very little set up time and it’s printing beautifully
Alan R.
Great experience again thanks for great customer service and great communication.
Adam C.
I have this item as well as a 200b from Creality and I think they are brilliant. I am new to the machines so the set back for me is me. The main point I would like to emphasise very strongly is how pleased I am with shopping with Technology Outlet as opposed to trawling for some cheaper run of the mill supplier who did all sorts as opposed to focus on one product and items linked to it. The people who are part of the Technology Outlet team are one of a kind, always willing to help you beyond wha...
Declan R.
Like all Creality printers, the filament feed system is a bit rubbish. I have ended up bypassing it altogether and rigging up my own filament holder and feed system. Also, the marketing is a lie - it is NOT a fully enclosed printer - the roof is open. I am going to get a roof canopy made so that I can make it fully enclosed. the print quality is good and the machine is nice and quiet, so that is a plus. I would buy again, as it seems to be an OK machine. PS - some poor industrial design choi...