Kevin H.
I bought the CR6 SE to replace the very excellent Ender 3 Pro that I have had for quite a while. I recently purchased a CR6 MAX and was so impressed that I decided to replace my 'old faithful'. While there is nothing wrong with the Ender 3 pro, I wanted to be able to keep one set of spares for both units. The other reason is that I am blown away with how far things have progressed with these new models for the following reasons... 1/ very quiet in operation, for years I have been used to th...
Jamie W.
Fantastic printer to add to my collection, prints near perfect out the box, highly recommend for people who need that build size
Thomas E. review of Creality3D CR6 MAX 3D Printer
Thomas E.
CR6-MAX "Its a beast, a biblically huge behemoth!!" Honest review: Firstly, James at Technology Outlet... your insight into the Bed levelling protocols were out standing....thank you. Secondly, A lot of people will think do I go ENDER 5 PLUS or CR6 MAX Both Printers have ups and downs... the Ups are breath-taking prints make you soar majestically over those who have teeny weeny resin printers, then you have the Downs.... and man, the learning curves on 3D printers are steep but sometimes wh...
THOMAS E. review of Creality3D CR6 MAX 3D Printer
Purchased from technology outlet... Cheapest in the UK, super fast delivery. "GREAT BUSINESS TO DEAL WITH" The printer, well she's a beast an absolute monster, but 1. you get what you pay for 2. The build quality is exceptional. 1. Assemble bed level 3. Test print 4. Assess results, smile 😃, find the biggest thing you want to print... 5. Remortgage your house because of all the filament your gonna use. 6. Enjoy the journey Its an awesome machine.
Graham D. review of Creality3D CR6 MAX 3D Printer
Graham D.
I was looking for a bigger sized bed for a progression with my business, I have two CR-6SE printers one previously purchased from Technology outlet , The CR6 Max was ideal and as firmiliar with my other machines it was as easy as setting up my first machine and printing.