Leila I. review of Technology Outlet Premium PETG Filament 1.75mm 1KG/2KG Spools
Leila I.
This was my first try at 3D printing & this printer makes everything a breeze! The quality is great & it arrived safely. I had some delivery related questions & got a speedy response from the team which was great. Absolutely love this & I'm very happy that I chose to buy from here after weeks of research.
John S.
While not exactly the colour, use this for brackets and holders etc. for my Ryobi tools.
Juan M. review of Technology Outlet Premium PET-G Filament 1.75mm 1KG/2KG Spools
Juan M.
I was reluctant to print PETG because it’s has a reputation for being a bit harder to get right than PLA, but I must say this one has been absolutely fantastic. Excellent quality, great adhesion on the Ender 3 stock bed, and almost no stringing. Stock flexible bed (don’t use glass with PETG!) 225°C and 60°C.
Martin B.
this i have used before i l used on the cr30 last week printed a print 1.36m no issues, , 25hrs straight 240 and 95 bed as printer in front conservatory temp drops at night. prefer to pla. just me. so i have 4 2kg spools . for the cr30. want to try some 2m +prints unexciting pipe work covers. rear conservatory.
David E.
This material worked well with standard PETG settings on my printer. No clogs,or extruder problems at all.