Andrew H.
Just started my first print and everything looks good. I am glad that this new version of the printer has the air holes at the back for extruder. So it does not now get hot.
Simon W.
Fantastic printer prints amazing BUT being given a dispatch notice 2-3 weeks before technology outlet even had the printer thus triggering payments to start before I received it is a bit sneaky I feel
Mark K.
Great little printer, I own an Ender 5 Plus as well - also from Tech outlet. not ventured into ABS as yet (which is why I bought it), but lots of PLA. Just one gripe - I would recommend anyone purchasing one to check the Vrefs on the stepper motors, mine were high - 1.5v or so, motors were getting very hot. The extruder tends to slip due to heat from the stepper, melting the pla beyond glass transition temp. Reduced vrefs to around 0.8v and much cooler. Overall really nice, good build quali...
Jakub M.
Nigel S.
Well made, fully assembled printer. Straight out of the box, unpacked and bed levelled you can be up and running in around 10 minutes even if you are a novice. So far I've found it lives up to all expectations, it is mostly very quiet, although the case fans can get a bit noisy at times, but otherwise you don't generally hear it doing much when the door is closed. To date I've only been testing it with PLA which as you would expect works fine, but my sis-in-law who's had one of these a couple...