John G. review of Creality3D Wifi Box
John G.
Purchasing the Creality3D Wifi Box has made printing far easier eliminating the need to constantly inserting the CD card.
Geoffrey B.
Excellent addition to my 3D printers. Very easy to install and the iPhone app is excellent. So far I have installed it on my Creality CR6-SE. Not sure if I can add my Creality Ender 3-v2 to the same Creality WiFi box. At the price it would be no big deal to buy a second WiFi Box for the Ender. As usual the staff at Technology Outlet were very efficient as shipping was very quick.
Carl S.
Installed, a little bit temperamental but got it sussed in the end, working well
Craig H.
You have to upload the STL to their website then initiate the print using their app on your phone. Why can't you just upload, slice and then print ? (the print option is "in development"). This device is a work in progress, I was hoping it would just be a virtual USB over IP but sadly not. Even at just £15 it isn't worth it.