Alona  T. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Alona T.
I love it. I have dry skin and It really works for me. My skin looks amazing after using this product. Also it smells good. I like ingredients of this product and that it is organic. Finally it has awesome design, I recommend this product for everyone!!!! Thanks!!!
Jessica  R. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Jessica R.
Light weight and perfect for your morning and evening routine! Smells soft and subtle, feels moisturizing and very clean nice packaging!
Brittany  G. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Brittany G.
Use this combo daily and I love It! And Doesn’t make my face feel oily after applying.
Monique  S. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Monique S.
I had never felt my skin as nourished and moisturized as now! I also loved how my skin absorbed well Biolumiére. I'm pretty sure that I will use Biolumiére for a long time, once my first one be gone, I will absolutely buy more. I highly recommend! xoxo <3
Luz  D. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Luz D.
Received this products complimentary from the brand and I absolutely love them! The eye serum is amazing and the cream is unbelievable. I would buy them of course!
KASSANDRA  B. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
This Organic little duo are a serious must-have. I am a Fashion & Editorial Model which means I have a lot of photoshoots where I need to have clean and flawless skin as well as removing my makeup at the end of the day and properly caring for my skin is essential. I have found that both the Eye Serum and Anti-Aging Facial Cream add nutrients and vitamins to my skin to aid in the renewal of skin cells to promote younger and healthier skin.
Yuliya  L. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Yuliya L.
This is an amazing Moisturizer that genteelly cares about the skin. My skin looks shiny and refreshing. I am exited and recommend it to all!
Geovanna  R. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Geovanna R.
This moisture makes my skin feel so soft and supple after a long day! It's refreshing and make me feel ready for the day or good night sleep. Definitely can see my skin getting tighter and brighter!
Corbi  G. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Corbi G.
I absolutely love this formula, it left my face hydrated and smoother to the touch after the first use!
Blair  S. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Blair S.
Loved how it smells and feels.. Keeps my skin hydrated!!
Angela  L. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Angela L.
It’s a great product. It helped my face go from dry & dull to FAB! Try it. Your skin will thank you!
Keira  M. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Keira M.
This product is amazing I would 100% recommend. I actually feel like I can feel the product working while it’s on! I also love how moisturizing and hydrating this product really is as well.
Isabel  C. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Isabel C.
La crema es realmente buena excelente mejor dicho hasta a mi esposo le encanta la volveré a usar ilove ❤️
Michelle  B. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Michelle B.
I’ve been loving this eye serum and anti-aging cream from Biolumiere as a vitamin layer to my skin! I use it after I wash and tone, before I moisturize. It goes on smoothly and spreads easily. It smells very natural, a bit like herbs and vitamins. It dries pretty quickly with NO oily feeling which is great because any skin type could use it. I apply a very moisture-rich cream afterward, but someone with oily or acne prone skin could still use this with an oil-free moisturizer on top! It’s like a...
Marlee  S. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Marlee S.
This is AMAZING! I absolutely love how soft my skin feels after I use it! I do have sensitive skin and this does not burn, itch, tingle, or make me red! Forever I will be a customer!
Kristy  Y. review of Regenerate + Lift Collection
Kristy Y.
Love these products, glad I switched to organic skincare, clean and natural.
Macy M. review of Today-Only Offer - $10 Regenerative Moisturizer
Macy M.
Love this product! Mainly been looking for a good moisturizer and this has been doing the job so well! Love the consistency and how my skin feels.
LaWanda J. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
LaWanda J.
I absolutely love this Biolumiere anti-aging cream. After a week of using my complexion is glowing. I take biotin as well and the firmness, supple, dewey facial plumpness is everything! Thanks for such a GREAT product.
Kim F. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Kim F.
I love the consistency and scent! The packaging is also really nice!!
Shikha W. review of Regenerative Moisturizer
Shikha W.
The texture of this cream is amazing and absorbs very well, without leaving your skin oily. I have been using this cream for over 2 weeks and my skin did not have a single breakout. Moreover I feel that my skin is looking much for healthy and young. I love the sweet fragrance of the cream.
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