Laura M.
It really is true the more sweaty you are the better the grip. Perfect for HotPod Yoga.
Inês Filipa S.
Love it! Really good quality. Eco friendly packaging. Non slip. It feels good and natural. Everything I was looking for! :)
Emily G.
Nothing has made me want to drop in more each day. Cork space is my safe space already. Thank you :)
Shona S.
I haven't had much chance to test my new mat yet but it seems great so far!
Giselda G.
Love this mat, ticks all my boxes.... Going to recommend it my students, just the right padding, sticky and looks great, neutral and peaceful ... thanks 🙏🏽
Sarah Q.
I was looking to upgrade my yoga mat and find one where I wouldn't sweat and slip off, and It was better than expected! I have used it outside in the heat and in sweaty ashtanga classes and I stick right to it, there is also a nice amount of padding. It has really enhanced my yoga practice and couldn't recommend it more!
Antonia P.
The mat is well made, and you can really tell how good the quality is. Using it is easy; non slip and feels great. It's thick enough that it's comfortable to use, but easy to carry and take with me to any practice. All in all, great mat!
Ashley S.
Oh we love this yoga mat! My partner and I were looking to upgrade and get one really nice mat we could share at home. He’s 6 foot tall and I have joint issues (and extra-slippy hands), and our cork space takes care of both of us. It also looks great, which is a nice bonus when you have room to leave it out. The rubber underside also makes it super stable on hardwood floors while giving high-density cushioning. Zero regrets about our upgrade, may even be getting a second one soon!
simon m.
quite simply the best mats we have used, even though we have only had them just over 1 week we have been practising for a number of years and my wife teaches, we are very impressed, and eco-friendly!!!
Stuart P.
A rather soothing mat
Helen S.
Love it! Better than I expected! Really good quality and packaging is eco friendly too! Thank you!
Alex P.
Feels great, looks great, grips great and even smells great. For something I lie on, sweat on and meditate on everyday it’s good to know it’s top quality, nasty weird chemical free and should last me a long time. Very happy!
still so obsessed with my @corkspace yoga mat. It’s like stepping into a little bubble of comfortable happiness every time I practice.
Loving my new yoga mat :)
Claire B.
I absolutely love this yoga mat! I’ve been using a well known brand for years but recently found the grip has started to go. After researching cork mats I decided to make the change-it is by far the best mat I have used! My warrior has gone from strength to strength, no more slipping and I feel so much more grounded and connected using a natural cork mat. Speedy delivery and great customer service too :)
This yoga mat is truly amazing! It is the most tactile, comfortable and versatile mate I have ever used! The cork material works perfectly to prevent any slippage and gives you great grip. The material is a real treat, to touch, feel and even smell! And the mat is a really good length; I have always struggled to find a yoga mat long enough. This is all before the eco credentials of the mat, which is the main reason my wife bought it for me. The fact that it is the most sustainable yoga mat I am ...
Stephanie M.
It took me a while to choose the right mat, but I was not disappointed! It feels and looks great quality! Super comfortable for my practice, would highly recommend!
Gabrielle N.
I have been slipping constantly using other mats and my first session on my new cork space mat was epic!! No slipping, natural feel and smell and I absolutely love it! Would not go back to a plastic based mat now and I love that it is environmentally friendly ☮ Would recommend to everyone!!
Jane W.
Mat arrived quickly and I LOVE it, no slipping in downward dog, able to maintain grip in all poses which was why I went for cork specifically. So happy with my purchase.
claire n.
For my first mat I wanted to make sure I chose one that will be great to use but also long lasting and relatively good for the environment. I had used it a few times now and I can say that I am quite happy with my choice. The grip is good - no more sliding - and the cushioning too. You can see it is good quality and I hope it will last for a long time 😊
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