Andrea M. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Andrea M.
I got just what the description said on the website: great attenuation, great grip even wet, nice warm feeling to the touch... And the added value that you know is all made with natural materials in a sustainable way! I am really happy with my purchase and I hope the mat lasts forever!
Alice J. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Alice J.
Love my new Cork Space mat! It’s been my loyal companion during the lockdown and I couldn’t have wished for a better one :) I bought it due to its eco friendly credentials and am totally sold on the cork surface - great grip (best if hand are slightly wet) no odor at all and the packaging was plastic free. Works perfectly with the matching cork yoga blocks. Would recommend any day!
Hannah K. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Hannah K.
I’m really happy with this mat! It looks great, good thickness and weight, the grip is excellent and most importantly I love that it is sustainably produced.
J R. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
J R.
Great quality eco conscious yoga mat, can’t fault it. Thank you.
Emma P. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Emma P.
A few months ago I started yoga, and have been really loving it ever since. Unfortunately, the current situation and lockdown meant I was having to practise from home rather than at my usual studio. I then came to realise I needed a 'proper' yoga matt, rather than the old gym matt I had at home! After a lot of research into cork mats and the different benefits, I opted to go with Cork Space- and it has been the best idea! Delivery was very quick, especially during this time, and I loved how the ...
Mark L. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Mark L.
Great mat, great company. Have always had problems with sweaty hands/feets and slipping. Tried multiple 'anti-slip' mats that have been useless. Happy that I took the plunge and tried cork space. 100% works for sweaty yogis - cannot recommend enough. Ideal amount of cushion for a relative novice who usually struggles with knee pain on kneeling. Added bonus that cork space is ethically-minded using natural materials and planting trees to replenish those used. Have been in isolation after gettin...
Lara F. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Lara F.
I have loved this mat from the second I opened it! It has brilliant grip and I love the natural feel of the cork on my hands. I actually find the natural cork and rubber really grounding and it helps to set the tone for my practice. Highly recommend!
Max H. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Max H.
This is exactly what I was looking for. An eco friendly and practical yoga mat that I can also use for home workouts. Thanks you for producing them! All the best, Michelle
Eleanor M. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Eleanor M.
It's a very comfortable mat to practice on, and it's a good size too - no legs poking out the end! But the eco-credentials are the reason I bought it, one less cheap plastic mat destined for the bin.
Kati F. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Kati F.
Perfect new Yoga mat to spend Covid-19 self-Isolation with starting some new routines and workouts. The mat is anti-slippery and has a nice natural smell. I am extremely happy of buying a proper mat which makes exercise so much easier.
Patrick M. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Patrick M.
Love my new yoga mat. The design is very minimalistic but looks the part. As a guy I tend to get really hot when exercising and sweat quite a lot. This mat is brilliant as it still remains really grippy. It’s on the expensive side but well worth it for the quality and also it’s eco friendly which is one of the main reasons for my purchase. Very happy customer. Good Job Cork Space
Stephanie A. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Stephanie A.
Love my mat! I wanted to invest in a new mat that would work on floor, carpet and outdoor, but also didn't cost the earth - and this didn't disappoint. I use this for both gentle yoga and more powerful and I haven't found a fault yet. Love it!
Gerry W. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Gerry W.
Love my new cork yoga mat. I love that it is made from sustainable cork and the backing is natural rubber. It definitely becomes stickier the sweatier your hands. It will last a very long time. Thank you!
Joseph C. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Joseph C.
A wonderful product! So much so I bought one for my wife and my sister. We are all fully converted to cork space and would reccomend to anyone considering a cork mat. Excellent service also. Many thanks
Anna P. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Anna P.
Could not love this mat more! Best one I’ve ever used.
Lisa W. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Lisa W.
I have been using my Cork Space mat for almost two months now, so I'm pretty sure that I love it! I did a lot of research into mats made from various natural materials and although the Cork Space mat was more expensive than I had initially thought to spend, I think I made the right decision. It feels great, in every way; the rubber is cushioning but firm, so I feel comfortable on the floor and less-wobbly (than, say, on a foam mat) in standing/balance work. My hands have superb grip on the cork ...
Dan B. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Dan B.
The yoga gods have finally answered my prayers and delivered the perfect yoga mat. This is first time I have ever promoted yoga gear - its a big deal! And this particular cork mat is very different from the versions I have seen over the last few years, especially the very first iterations coming out of Portugal that I road-tested in Hawaii way back in 2011. Please note that I practice ashtanga yoga, as do all of my students. Now 16 of my students now own a Cork Space mat and each and every one o...
Mercedes Yoga  P. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Mercedes Yoga P.
I recently lost my luggage with my mat in it, I was heartbroken. However that gave me the chance to finally try out a cork space mat. I am so happy with it, it is always nice and warm and because of the smooth cork texture I no longer get blisters on my big toe while doing chaturanga. Every cloud has a silver lining! :)
Jo W. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Jo W.
A friend recommended it and I have no been disappointed at all. It’s lovely and thick. Nice and long. Super grippy and rolls up beautifully - couldn’t be happier!
Wendy S. review of Pro Cork Yoga Mat
Wendy S.
I love the feel of the natural cork and it stands up beautifully on one end
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