Joseph C. review of "Her Majesty" Diamond Simulant Earrings
Joseph C.
Came with a matching earrings great gift
Miçhael S. review of Fiona Earrings
Miçhael S.
Came in a timely fashion and the picture doesn't do it any justice on how much they sparkle!
Tracy S. review of Fiona Earrings
Tracy S.
Love them not too big , just right
Randy C. review of Fiona Earrings
Randy C.
Awesome look. Great shine. Nice sparkle. Would make any outfit look that much better!
Kristi H. review of Fiona Earrings
Kristi H.
First time out with them on, I received a compliment from a gentleman, my husband was even with me.
Pamela V. review of Fiona Earrings
Pamela V.
Absolutely loving my earings, but I would love to see my tennis bracelets as well. Since i did not get! Wondering what happened to them.
Randy J. review of Fiona Earrings
Randy J.
Only got 1 ear ring. Had to of been an honest mistake.
Annette B. review of Fiona Earrings
Annette B.
Love them
April R. review of Fiona Earrings
April R.
See for yourself! They are absolutely stunning! I was in utter amazement when I first open the box. Will be absolutely delighted to wear and show them off! Absolutely gorgeous!
Nancy M. review of Fiona Earrings
Nancy M.
Hi,This is Nancy.I just received these Pear Shaped earrings,I ordered,for a freind.There so Beautiful,they sparkle alot,n the gift box,they were in,was so pretty also.I will be ordering from here,in the near future. Thank You Luciano Rose
Marquita T. review of Fiona Earrings
Marquita T.
My daughter took them they were gorgeous
Robyn S. review of Fiona Earrings
Robyn S.
These are GORGEOUS and they don't bother my sensitive ears like most other earrings. Thank you so much!
Denisha T. review of Fiona Earrings
Denisha T.
Got them for my friend she loves them they go with her ring
Cortney H. review of Fiona Earrings
Cortney H.
Really beautiful set . Great size perfect for everyday wear or a night on the town.
Karen L. review of "Her Majesty" Diamond Simulant Earrings
Karen L.
The best earrings I bought for myself in a long time! They are beautiful yet elegant. I really love the design and they are the perfect size.
Jackie W.
Gave my sister's a pair
Shanell H.
Mom likes it so I’m glad. It’s her gift.
Barbara H.
Absolutely Gorgeous ❤️🥰💋
Annette M.
So far I've ordered 3 pairs of earrings. They are all beautiful and well worth the money! I will definitely be ordering more and encouraging my friends to di the same. Thank you for the quick delivery too!🙂
Lois J.
These earrings are simply gorgeous.