Aleta S. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Aleta S.
Dr. Olivia said I have poor detox pathways. I am on a routine of a daily smoothie which seems to help me feel better.
Aleta S. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Aleta S.
I always look forward to the time for a detox. The smoothie is a flavor I enjoy. I feel so much better and notice other little advantages, as well. I appreciate the discount.
Aleta S. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Aleta S.
Dr. Olivia told me that I have poor detox pathways, so my goal is to do the detox about every quarter in the year. I enjoy the taste of the smoothies, and enjoy how I feel while working through the detox.
Aleta S. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Aleta S.
I always look forward to doing a detox. I feel good on it; two shakes a day and the supplements do not upset my stomach as I'm hearing others are experiencing. I feel good afterward and it always improves my focus on eating better. I would like to make a suggestion about the bottles. I don't need one with every order. I get them with the Ideal Body Kit, too. So if you had a feature when checking out (on both products, and perhaps a discounted price, too?) where we could check "Do not need t...
Rita K. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Rita K.
I was becoming alarmed about gaining weight at a fast rate, especially in mid section. The Detox program has given me a head start to get on track again. Less inflammation, more energy and back to eating nutritious food. Looking forward to working Ideal Body Program. Thanks so much.
Phyllis R. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Phyllis R.
I did the Paleo Detox for 14 days and ate a paleo diet. The best result I record is the clarity of my thinking. I was no longer not able to connect the dots in my thoughts. I no longer can’t remember certain words. As a bonus I lost 9 pounds. My skin is clearer too.
Jane S. review of Paleo Detox Kit image 1 out of 1
Jane S.
The Paleo Detox was very educational and inspiring. The picture I included is my “go to” meal along with many recipes I have tried from the cookbook. I will definitely do this detox 2-3 times a year !!!
Laura O.
I like detoxing with this supplement.
Beth T.
I love this detox so much that I did 2 paleo detoxes back to back at the beginning of 2022. My energy level went up and I just felt all around better while I was doing the detox and afterward. Another perk was that I also dropped a few pounds. I will definitely do this paleo detox 2 to 3 times per year.
Selma S.
Being new to doing a detox. It would have been nice to have recipes ahead of time. Or for others sharing their recipes.
Paula B.
I like the straightforward directions for this detox is. I felt more energetic afterwards.
Nancy K.
I was really scared to try this as I was over eating and feared I’d be too hungry to do a detox or feel satisfied, however after the initial 2 days I was pleasantly surprised that I felt not just satisfied but fully and I felt much better too. My mid day sluggishness went away. I could resist “bad” food choices and just felt overall better. I’d definitely do this detox again
Deborah W.
Was a great start to my journey! I lost around 8lbs which was a bonus. Feeling so much better. Was trying to kick my sugar habit and this really helped. Finishing up my gut cleanse now and that is going great as well! Loving all Dr Olivia’s supplements. Really wish the shakes from the detox were offered separately! Love them!
Danette R.
Doing this cleanse for 14 days was a good cleanse. And, since you combined it with eating Paleo, it made me more aware of the foods I was putting in my body each day. I wrote down everything I ate and, for the most part, followed the directions for the cleanse having 2 shakes a day and taking the supplements. I did lost 4 pounds in the 2 weeks and never truly felt I was "missing" any food. Though the shakes tasted good, I have to admit I did not, over the course of the 2 weeks, not take 3 shakes...
Debra J.
The shakes were the best detox shakes I've ever tried. I felt that the supplements helped relieve my heartburn. I would do this again!
Cynthia M.
It was okay, the flavor was decent I don't think that it provided a tremendous benefit in terms of detoxing my body. I already eat unprocessed, and do not consume sugar. I also think it caused my digestion to slow down.
Stephanie S.
I liked the way I felt while doing the detox. I wasn’t a big fan of the taste but did find some unsweetened coconut milk that helped.
Sherry M.
I have detoxed in the past but this kit was so much easier with it's prepackaged supplements. The taste was much better too!
Aleta S.
While doing the detox, I felt really great. I didn't have a lot of die-off feelings, maybe because I have a pretty good standard of eating anyway (though not perfect by any means) and have detoxified my environment as much as I can. I also lost feelings of extreme hunger that I normally get at other times, usually preceded by a feeling of low blood sugar. All that diminished during the detox. Great stuff!