Eunice M. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Eunice M.
Smells great, lathers nice and definitely has evened my skin tone as well as healed the scars that HS leaves behind along with razor burns! Worth every penny.
Angela R. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Angela R.
It lathers well but doesn't melt easily. I'm quite picky with bath and body products but this one is definitely a keeper.
Socorro T. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Socorro T.
I really wanted to tell people how good this soap works. I’m still in shock of how light my skin was after one wash and the fact that my skin is smooth and glowing the next day after a shower..they didn’t disappoint me on this one!!!!
Camilla O. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Camilla O.
My face and upper arms are smoother and clearer since I've been using the soap.
Abby M. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Abby M.
During showering or just when I'm washing hands, my skin feels good and doesn't have that strange, waxy, itchy, by-product some 'eczema-friendly' soaps have.
Carmille S. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Carmille S.
I've finally found a few natural products that work to keep my skin healthy and blemish free.
Caren B. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Caren B.
This soap far exceeded my expectations. My husband and I both use it and our skin has improved from winter damage. My husband swims daily in a saltwater pool and this soap has restored his 78-year-old skin to an itch-free condition.
Pinky B. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Pinky B.
This soap is wonderful. It cleans the body and face, and is great for daily use to clear whiteheads. Highly recommended for sensitive skin.
Alexa S. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Alexa S.
Great soap, my skin was very thankful.
Heather L. review of Instant Miracle Whitening Soap
Heather L.
Love the smell, and it makes my skin feel really smooth and soft.
Holly F.
I’ve finally found something that I feel good about using daily.
Barbara P.
This product helped clear my skin. I had pretty bad acne and ever since I switched over to this soap my face looks great!
Sakura D.
I absolutely love this soap! I live in a very arid, dry, hot climate and my skin often dries out. Since I have been using this soap, I have noticed that my skin is soft, smooth and most of all, it doesn't itch from being dry! It has made a big difference for me overall! Love it!
Tiffany P.
The soap feels nice on the skin !
Madison M.
It has truly helped my skin look brighter, smooth and more clear than before. I have hormonal acne so I'm always searching and searching for something that actually works for my skin
Jairah S.
I love this soap! I cannot say enough about it. It is great to use in areas you prefer to keep drier like the underarms and bikini area.
Cris F.
LOVE THIS SOAP! After using this soap, my skin looks so smooth and even toned.
Merry T.
The natural ingredients are so gentle on my skin, which is important because I have some skin sensitivity and allergies. And its scent is amazing!
Veronica T.
I'm so in love with this soap!! It has helped my skin so much. Definitely purchasing again!
Rona P.
Very moisturizing and creamy! You can really feel the difference after a shower.