Paul K. review of ERA Poseidon - Batch 1 PreOrder
Paul K.
Lovely watch, weight amazing, nicely finished and keeps time well. Beautiful packaging and great communication from the ERA Team
Garrett K review of ERA Poseidon - Batch 1 PreOrder
Garrett K
Jadd E. review of ERA Poseidon - Batch 1 PreOrder
Jadd E.
Amazing quality like all the other ERA products. Love how it’s compatible with the other wrist straps! Truly one of a kind!
Jeremy H review of ERA Poseidon - Batch 1 PreOrder
Jeremy H
Juan A review of ERA Poseidon - Batch 1 PreOrder
Juan A
Rafael K.
The watch has some pretty bad manufacture defects. There are some very sharp edges where the bracelet part meets the case of the watch. Its very sharp and un finished. The watch is also extremely heavy and I don't think the weighted element on the back side even moves. On top of that, the crown is very hard to twist back on. The only part of the watch that I like is the movement. Otherwise it seems like a pretty big rip off.
Andrash K.
This is a very unique piece! To be honest, in the beginning, it felt a bit heavy to wear on the wrist, but I got used to it, and since then absolutely love it! I certainly can recommend this piece to everyone.
Marc L.
Beautiful and technologically amazing. A gift to my scuba diving son. Met my high expectations!
Buliard p.
merci, j'ai bien reçu la poseidon, je suis tres content, elle fait sensation dans mon entourage,et elle est superbe. .dommage pour le luminova, qui ne dure qu'environ 1h dans la nuit...(ideal serait des néons comme les montres ball watch..) autrement superbe, continuez comme cela, et jattends l'hyperion impatiement salutations ph buliard