Erin Z. review of Digestive EQ
Erin Z.
Baby Whiskey loves his digestive EQ! Only the best start for our boy!
Imogen T. review of Digestive EQ
Imogen T.
Vera loves her EQ, it gives her the best opportunity to perform, look and feel her best. As a sensitive mare it’s important that I can support her gut health to help everything else. She is happy and healthy and that means the world to any horse owner.
Sam M. review of Digestive EQ
Sam M.
Digestive EQ has changed my horses life! My 38 year old gelding was dropping weight despite huge amounts of feed. Nothing I did helped, until I got re...
Poseidon Equine replied:
Thank you for sharing, he is looking amazing!
Nancy R. review of Digestive EQ
Nancy R.
I have a young home bred qu.h x stockhorse and a Rescue OTT who are excelling in the field of dressage. We continually get positive feedback from jud...
Poseidon Equine replied:
Thank you for your positive feedback and congratulations on your success in dressage with your horses!
Bree K. review of Digestive EQ
Bree K.
Absolutely love this product. Our boy has been on it for nearly 2yrs
Narelle B. review of Digestive EQ Auto Renew (Ships every 60 Days)
Narelle B.
Love this product. I have a very happy healthy horse since using EQ
Ann-Maree F. review of Digestive EQ
Ann-Maree F.
Improved our young TB gelding immensely. Would recommend it to everyone.
Zirbel C. review of Digestive EQ
Zirbel C.
Mare going well through change of feed and location
Suzanne B. review of Digestive EQ
Suzanne B.
Our mare is much more settled on digestive EQ & looks great . She shines on this product
Linda O. review of Digestive EQ
Linda O.
The difference in my horse once I rescued him and started him on digestive eq was phenomenal. Not only with finally gaining weight but also resolving his constant fungal infections he would get over his entire body. I recommend this product to almost every client we see that is struggling with weight gain or gut problems with their horse. The amount of horses we see in the veterinary industry with problems that stem from poor nutrition and gut health is huge, so being able to recommend such an a...
Sharon F. review of Digestive EQ
Sharon F.
My mare had laminitis twice last year, put her on your product and hasn’t had it since. Very happy with the outcome and can only say it was because of your EQ! ❤️
Blanch L. review of Digestive EQ Auto Renew
Blanch L.
I Absolutely Love this Product. It has been the only 1 on the market that my horses will eat mixed into there feeds and they look amazing. No more tummy issues, shiny healthy coats and happy horses
Paula R. review of Digestive EQ Auto Renew (Ships every 30 Days)
Paula R.
Pleased with the product!! After a big house move in October when the horses spent 6 hours on the truck to our new property my old Stb gelding began to lose condition quite quickly, it was freezing cold and raining for the first 4 weeks after arriving and even with rugging he dropped significantly, ribs were VERY visible and his Topline disappeared, and I struggled to pick him back up again. I decided to give EQ a go, as iam a big believer in Gut health for myself and my children. Within 4 week...
Narelle B. review of Digestive EQ
Narelle B.
Just look at the shine on his coat. Happy healthy horse. Digestive EQ is a great product
Maree Q. review of Digestive EQ
Maree Q.
Digestive EQ has played a star role in saving my rescue TB’s life. His transformation from being withdrawn and emaciated to a happy, healthy horse is incredible. We will continue to use your amazing product on his life journey. Thank you so much!
Nathan K. review of Digestive EQ
Nathan K.
Eating better, more relaxed, holding condition and looking a different horse!
Nichola M. review of Digestive EQ
Nichola M.
18mths ago my beautiful mare had stomach ulcers, I treated the ulcers then found Digestive EQ, after multiple phone calls to the company I decided to give it a go. You might think it costs a little bit but the results are totally worth every cent. My horse has never looked better!! 20yrs young, thoroughbred, FAT! (A healthy fat of course) no silly mare behaviour either! Love, Love, Love!!!
Brodi J. review of Digestive EQ
Brodi J.
Digestive EQ was amazing for my mare! Helped her drop her winter coat and put on that final bit of weight to get her healthy, as well as help her with occasional girthiness 😁 Recommend Digestive EQ to all!
Joanne A. review of Digestive EQ
Joanne A.
18 yrs young and glowing. My girl has had a very stressful time in her life and when I brought her back(I originally breed her) she windsucked continuously, weaved and was a complete nervous wreck. She is now super chilled. I haven't seen her windsuck in months and looks 8 not 18!
Sharon M. review of Digestive EQ
Sharon M.
Before and after using digestive EQ. I had tried EVERYTHING but nothing worked on my foal/colt poo issues until I tried EQ it cleared up within 14 days of use and it hasn’t returned. We have had this issue which I think was fecal water syndrome for over 10months. But not now yay!