Lauren G. review of MìLà's Soup Dumpling Experience
Lauren G.
Amazing experience! They had the flavor I was craving!
Wen H. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Wen H.
Like it a lot! However the meat is too lean, which makes the texture not juicy and tender enough. Hope Mila can change that.
Darlene H. review of Steamer Basket
Darlene H.
These pork soup dumplings took me back to my trip to Shanghai and eating my weight in xiaolongbao! Delicious!!!! I must say that their customer service is second to none! I had emailed the company requesting a bundled order be changed because I don’t eat chicken, and they had no problem with that at all but because I had changed the order, there was a little hiccup with the shipping but again every time I emailed the company the problem was taken care of the same day. I’ll definitely be orderi...
Chantal B. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Chantal B.
Absolutely love these dumplings. Always have them stocked in my freezer
Karen P. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Karen P.
The new chicken dumplings are a pleasantly light alternative to our usual favorite - pork and shrimp. The flavor is not as bold and I'm guessing they're a little lower in fat (haven't actually compared nutrition facts LOL), so we didn't feel as full afterward. It won't replace our pork and shrimp, but we'll definitely keep it stocked alongside it!
Robin S. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Robin S.
We love “XLB” Xioa Long Bao! My husband is 1/2 Chinese and learned from his father all about these delicious delights. We often go out for dinner at our local Dim Sum restaurant and buy 6-8 decks of XLBs. I was beyond delighted to find a way to have them at home. DE-LICIOUS!!!
Andreas M. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Andreas M.
Just delicious and absolutely addictive-waiting for these beauties to cook is the longest 10 minutes of my day 😋
Michael F. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Michael F.
Very good , hope they Bjs wholesale as another supplier or Sam’s club, enjoyed the pork dumplings . package arrived frozen, threw into freezer . , followed the directions and 15 minutes later boom . Juicy Dumplings
Debra W. review of MìLà's Soup Dumpling Experience
Debra W.'s a picture of an empty bowl! This was after a second helping...delicious...too good to stop for pictures....
Cate T. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Cate T.
They are so delicious!! I’ve eaten an embarrassing number of bags of these. So so good. They live up to the hype and worth the price
Kalene T. review of MìLà's Soup Dumpling Experience
Kalene T.
Best find! I find they need to cook a little longer for our stove but so worth it.
Jennifer P. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Jennifer P.
I truly cannot say enough about what a WONDERFUL experience I've had with Mila! I'll break my review down into taste (of dumplings & sauces) and their customer service (it is AMAZING!) Taste: I've only tried the pork soup dumplings so far and they are truly DELICIOUS! They taste fresh and are well seasoned - the broth is rich and the texture of the dough and filling is spot on. My family and I used to frequent an authentic Chinese restaurant that made the most incredible homemade soup dumplings...
Karen G. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Karen G.
DELICIOUS!! And so very pretty to serve❤️
Brian S. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Brian S.
Delicious, ordering more!
Jez N. review of Chinese Noodles
Jez N.
Super easy to make and incredibly delicious!
Kimber S. review of The Full MìLà Experience
Kimber S.
Delicious! Far better than we could have imagined.
Carmen C. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Carmen C.
AMAZING!! Drop the MIC!!! That's all I can say!
Carmen C. review of Chinese Noodles
Carmen C.
Carmen C. review of The Full MìLà Experience
Carmen C.
A friend told me about Mila. I was skeptical at first but she swore they were amazing, She was correct!!! These are the best soup dumplings ever!! The sauces are great as well! Tried all three sauces and some of the noodles too! I am sold! Great as a quick solo meal or a quick and easy weekend night friend get together!
Verna C. review of Soup Dumplings (50 PC)
Verna C.
Mila is perfect for a quick weekday meal or it can elevate a special occasion meal at home into a celebration. Love the convenience and versatility of their soup dumplings!