Raffy E.
woah. I’m happy that it took me a month before I replace my gel pads. Love the quality of this product! thumbs up
Marc S.
I love the effect of this device. My wife has now sexy toned arms. So happy that I purchased the product for her.. The abs works on me as well. Good job Monavy!
Loving the result of these devices.. No more sagging of arms and belly fat.. Will definitely recommend.
Paola C.
Being a busy mom of 2 I have no time to work out specially my tummy area. This device helps me to flatten and tighten my tummy.
Tania the A.
This muscle toner is primarily for your abs. It comes with 3 remotes, so you can also attach to other muscle groups. Some gel packs are also included with the packaging, but if they wear out or lose adhesiveness you can get replacements. This runs on battery power, so you will need to have batteries to power it. Suggested use is to regularly use this for a couple weeks for results to show. I hope to see progress as I have never tried one of these toners before.
Isa A.
Been using this for couple of months and I see good results. My tummy is toned and now I can wear body hugging clothes.
Easy to use and you don't have to spend a lot of time. Very different from previous belts I had before..
It works.. I definitely feel it... Very much worth the money!
It's really effective! I will recommend this to my friends.. Love it!
Christmas gift from my wife. I hope that it works. Been reading good feedbacks about this product.
No kidding but I have used this for couple of days and my abs are tight like I did a lot of crunches!
One month on and I'm truly surprised at the results.. It actually works!
Surprisingly it’s effective! Been using this for months and I can prove that it is safe to use.
Been using for weeks and i already see results. . this device improve muscle firmness and strengthen abdominal.
Best abs toner ever. . Worth every minute of using it. Will purchase the arms soon.
Got my early Christmas gift from my partner. Love that it’s well packaged. Excited to try and see the results. Cheers!
I only need two things for my workout routine, good music and my abs stimulator. Good thing about this stimulator is it’s very light and comfortable to wear.
Because of this, I’ve got my confidence back. No more belly fat and loose skin.
No need to wake up early to hit the gym. Right diet plus this device will give you that perfect toned arms and abs.
Glenn T.
Done using this since I’ve achieved what I want. Thankful that it worked for me for less than 2 months. .. Very worth it!
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