J M. review of Varicose Veins Cream
J M.
I am on my second tube of the product and really think it has helped my veins look lighter and help others not to develop. I love the scrubber on the end and I think that helps any circulation too. I had just ordered my 3rd tube to make sure I have one when the other one wears out.
Kimberly H. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Kimberly H.
I've barely used it a week but my veins do seem to be lighter and less pronounced. It has a very pleasant light fragrance and I love the applicator. It feels so good to my legs and helps improve circulation reducing the aching and heaviness I sometimes have. I'm going to continue to use this until I run out. I am very optimistic about it. If it does reduce the severity of my varicose/ spider veins by 25% like described i will be ecstatic and will definitely continue to purchase.
Gilberto F. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Gilberto F.
This cream is wonderful !!!!! Really helps bad veins !!!!!
David P. review of Varicose Veins Cream
David P.
Yup this is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! you judge it for yourself .
Amanda F. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Amanda F.
I have notice that my legs look so much better after only 3 weeks! I definitely see the spider veins disappearing; however, I also started doing exercise to strengthen my legs and adding antioxidants in my diet (hopefully) to prevent them from coming back. I am highly recommending this.
Julie S. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Julie S.
I had some unsightly veins on my legs that needed to disappear. I have a very sensitive aesthetic and so am very uncomfortable with unattractive features. To my delight even with one application many of the unsightly veins permanently fixed and were no longer visible. The others have faded and obviously will also disappear. I found it best to hold the skin I was treating taut between two fingers and to press down firmly to make sure the applicator was able to be applied deep enough transdermally...
Gale N. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Gale N.
Look at the difference! Really visible right? I am loving this product a lot. It clearly is very good. Never have found a cream that makes visible effect in just a week. Thanks to this.
Emanuela D. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Emanuela D.
Less visible veins in my legs after a week of cream application.
Cuzia S. review of Varicose Veins Cream
Cuzia S.
This had been my serious problem since my late 20's. now that today have a cure to make the varicose veins disappear. I am glad that it is not costly as I would have imagined.
Maher K.
I have varies and I need