CherylAnn C. review of Khalia, -70%  + Free Shipping
CherylAnn C.
I bought my first Khalia in the summer of 2019. It has traveled with me to Paris, Chicago, Phoenix, and has been my daily companion at home. I love how easy it is to convert from a shoulder bag to a backpack. While in Paris, I always wore it over my shoulder and felt like I had great access to everything I needed. While in my hometown, I often convert it to a backpack so I can walk with my arms free. I love it so much I'm buying another one in another color.
Eden A. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Eden A.
I moved everything i had in my school backpack(who has three slots) to this bag and i was able to put everything book notebooks. Love this bag
Em review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
The color is gorgeous! I've only had it for two days now, but it is perfect for what I was looking for. The company was very responsive to my inquiries and it proved that they truly care about their customers.
Vanessa C. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Vanessa C.
Of all the bags i bought this season, this was the one i liked most and the inside lining and outside pockets is excellent! Large capacity and inside i included a bag i had bought here in Ralphany i love all the outside pockets and plus i can cherry it on my back if i ever need to.
Kaitlyn M. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Kaitlyn M.
I really love this bag. It’s a little floppy and has less structure than I usually like, but the pros ourway the cons. It is a great size. Not too big but not to small, fits all daily essentials plus a ipad or books, if need be. The straps are sturdy and easy to switch from shoulder bag, to crossbody or backpack. Feels likes it’s made from very durable material. If you want a multifunctional bag, try this. Would be great as a travel personal item as well. 👍👍
Izabella C. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Izabella C.
I bought this bag to take on my 2-week trip through 4 European cities. It was probably the best thing I could have used for all the tourism! The bag actually switches from cross-body to backpack to side-bag very easily once you get the hang of it (don't try for the first time without putting something in there to help give it some weight). It was INVALUABLE in doing walking tours of the cities (backpack for comfort) to being able to take it into the museums (side bag - because they make you che...
Camille D. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Camille D.
I cannot say enough about this bag! I’m so glad I got it. I travel a lot and needed something that I could carry like a purse and backpack when needed. Look no further!!! It holds four 32 oz water bottles with ease while we were walking around Thailand. It holds three Complete changes of clothes, extra shoes and all of my regular purse stuff while we were taking a small trip to an African village for a few days. All of the kids water toys when we headed to a water park in Korea. Sometimes I forg...
Christina D. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Christina D.
Really worked well for me during my travels. A multifunctional bag that doubles as a purse and a backpack! It’s also much more stylish that your typical ‘backpack’. The nylon makes it very easy to just wipe off if anything gets dirty. Also has four small zipper pockets to store little things. I finally found my new travel bag!
Rachel L. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Rachel L.
I really appreciate the customer service I received and will definitely buy from this seller again! The bag itself is perfect for a commuter. I'm 5'6" so the dimensions are just right for me. I love the fact that it converts into a backpack.
Elise A. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Elise A.
Deux de mes amis m'ont demandé d'où venait mon sac à main LOL😂 ! Je suis une nouvelle maman et ce sac est parfait, quand je suis avec mon bébé, je l'utilise comme sac à dos et quand il n'y a que moi, c'est un sac à main . Le tissu est durable et facile à nettoyer. J'aime aussi les bretelles qu'ils sont super confortables.
Sophie R. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Sophie R.
Years ago I had a convertible backpack very much like this one and I was in love. I searched far and wide for something, anything, that was similar- and here it is! I bought many other convertible bags through the years, but they all required you to unhook and rehook straps. With this bag all that is needed to change bag types is the way you grab the straps. They slide quickly and easily making my life so much less complicated. I recently went to a museum where backpacks needed to be worn on the...
Martha G. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Martha G.
My order arrived early and I just love it!
Lydia J. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Lydia J.
I have so many pockets for my stuff I love it! Also it is light weight. Beautiful color purple.
Jennifer A. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Jennifer A.
I Love, Love, Love this bag! It was a great bag when I travelled last week. Perfect!
Carla N. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Carla N.
Rooomy!!! This handbag has lots of room, and pockets .. I am very pleased with order, plus love the color !!! 😘
Penelope R. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Penelope R.
The handbag is beautiful, and it is extremely spacious. Thank you very much!
Sofia B. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Sofia B.
It's really cute, versatile and spacious (I just ordered the wrong color).
Charlotte F. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Charlotte F.
Second time I have purchased this bag it is great
Mary L. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Mary L.
This bag is the best thing I've ever bought from website. Perfect for me with backpack option. Pretty colour blue, exactly as picture. Handbag size, but I could get some shoes in it 8f if necessary. Love it!
Barbara S. review of Khalia, -70% + Free Shipping
Barbara S.
Beautiful and handy Bag / Backpack i love it. quick delivery and happy with the product .