Carol L. review of SuperFuel Protein
Carol L.
I love this protein powder. It has so much more to it than other’s I’ve used. The fact that it is designed by a doctor and all the ingredients are clean makes it the best choice for me.
M. review of SuperFuel Protein
My morning commute and FMP Cinnabon smoothie are both smooth sailing. Love the options of so many varieties with the power. 😘💕🥰😍
Dianne A. review of SuperFuel Protein
Dianne A.
I love the shakes! They are delicious! They keep me full until about 3pm which really helps me with my weight loss! I have them every morning!
Sandra P. review of SuperFuel Protein
Sandra P.
The Superfuel Chocolate is hands down the best protein powder I have tried! I absolutely love the fact that it has clean ingredients, taste so delicious, and mix very well with berries and coffee. The recipe book that it comes with is a really nice bonus. The Coffee Lovers Morning Fat Burner Shake is my favorite! I highly recommend Superfuel Chocolate.
Gayla G. review of SuperFuel Protein
Gayla G.
I'm the chocolate lover of the family and I love this flavor in my daily shakes. It satisfies all of my cravings and is tasty and filling at the same time -- especially with a frozen banana and a tsp of peanut butter included!
Debra M. review of SuperFuel Protein
Debra M.
I love the taste
Monique E. review of SuperFuel Protein
Monique E.
I absolutely adore FMP Super Fuel (Vanilla Cake). Every morning I look forward to making my smoothie breakfast. It is such a delicious way to start the day and tees me up for success with FMP program throughout the day. I have tried so many protein powders over the years but this is hands down the best product out there.
Krista B. review of SuperFuel Protein
Krista B.
Loving my morning shakes! This is really good protein powder and I will order it again! Chocolate is my fav!
Pollie R. review of SuperFuel Protein Auto renew (Ships every 30 Days)
Pollie R.
I love knowing that my smoothie bowl is packed with all the nutrients I need to feel great, build muscle and be healthy!
Emily S. review of SuperFuel Protein Auto renew
Emily S.
Using the shakes after belladonna or apex definitely helps replenish and recover faster! This shake helps keep from being sore and achy next day too! Love this as a shake for meal replacement as well adding other ingredients. Grateful for this product:)
Kimberly P.
SuperFuel does not have that chalky, “protein shake” taste, even just mixing with water when on the go. My husband and I make “milk shakes” with this- lots of ice and frozen fruit and for the chocolate- some cold coffee with almond butter makes a “jamocha” shake!
Gayla G.
My husband and I sure love these shakes! Vanilla is our favorite, but the chocolate is really good also. We make them with unsweetened almond milk and half a frozen banana. Sometimes we add frozen blueberries. We have begun adding 1/2 tsp of cinnamon also. A shake breaks our fast every noon and keeps us full till our supper—our only meal of the day. This powder is the best we have ever tried!!
Erica F.
Great texture, perfect amount of sweetness!
Renee T.
Gives me energy and I feel good after I eat it
Donna L.
I have only used it a few times but I do like the taste and I like that it can be used for a complete meal.
Gayla G.
My husband and I love this great tasting powder for our daily shakes. We fast through breakfast and have them for lunch. They last through time for supper and are very versatile as far as what you can pop into the shake to make it even better. For example, frozen bananas or any kind of frozen berry and Chia Seeds!! Enjoy!!
Mary L.
I have tried multiple protein powders...I have to say this has one of the best tastes and textures I have had. It works great with all the different verities of ingredients I throw in to change things up and keep me engaged!
Alida H.
I’ve never been a “shake” person, and the ones I’ve tried in the past tasted terrible! However, I decided to try the FMP Super Fuel vanilla flavor and I actually liked the taste of it. I liked it so much that I also ordered the chocolate flavor which I think is my new favorite! If you’ve never liked shakes or protein powders in the past this is definitely one to try!
Becky R.
The flavor is really good. Much better than other protein powders I have tried!! I have the vanilla and look forward to trying the chocolate!!
Carrie R.
Tasted great! Only downside was that it is so expensive.