Laila review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Amazing result from first use ..
Amli review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Let me tell you, I am recently starting to take care of my skin and it shows. I did a research on this and found a few reviews from make up artists that made decide to give it a try, and is Korean and we all know they have THE BEST SKIN EVER! As I put it on I wasnt totally sure it was working... and then Im like... is my skin smooter... wait, that sagging around my mouth! What! Cool! I took a picture and see the difference on each side and even the hight of my eyes! My reccomendation is put it o...
Sally U. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Sally U.
When I tried the lifting stick, my face looked a lot tighter as if I had lost weight. I was very happy with results. I did one side of my face and showed my husband. He agreed the treated side looked tighter so I did the other side. My husband love the result, now he is interested with this product as well and regularly using it.
Patricia B. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Patricia B.
I DID FALL FOR THIS NEW PRODUCT! It works better than other similar products I tried. Though it feels tighten your face but it seems to be good when you regularly and continue applying it.
Jinky L. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Jinky L.
I absolutely in love this product. The product glided easily through my skin. The ergonomic shape helped contouring the product around it. I felt it working right away once applied. Sort of like if something was pulling my skin up and constricting it in (like a tight corset). Overall I like this product. I am thinking to make a video review for this product soon.
Cheryl O. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Cheryl O.
This actually helps with my double chin! It's worth the money.
Kimberly H. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Kimberly H.
A testimony of how nice this product is. This is an actual photo of my before and after application.
Viola B. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Viola B.
My daughter gave this as a gift. Now I am using it everyday and the result makes me happy every time.
Hilda C. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Hilda C.
Thank you I love this!
Sheena S. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Sheena S.
Arrived faster than I expected, customer service is nice and very approachable. Kudos to this store. The item itself is amazing. Try it I promise you you'll be satisfied. Already recommended this with my friends and they immediately placed their orders.
Keren M. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Keren M.
I must say I'm impressed. It's exactly what it's described. Rating 10 out of 10. Never thought the result will be as fast as I apply it the the first time. Whenever I go to work one hour is always reserved for my make up but it changed when I got this, very easy to apply and looks so natural. I love the way I look. I love this!!
Catilyn R. review of MAXCLINIC™ Cirmage Lifting Stick
Catilyn R.
When I saw the ads I immediately click the link and I am super glad I did. When I reached 40 my skin started showing age marks on my face no matter how hard I try to keep it discreet, it still shows. But now with this Lifting cream I worry no more. I swear it works you can see a huge difference at first use. Highly recommended.
Dolce V.
It works. My left cheek is a bit fuller and i use this to pull it up a tad. It does smooth tremendously. If you do botox and a lot of chemical peels, you won't see too much difference. This stick super smooths and temporarily sort of glues your loose skin. If you dont have wrinkles and sags, it wont do much. This seems to work best on dry skin. Probably good for someone who doesnt layer a ton makeup and skincare products. If i have a low maintenancd day, i use this stick.
Cecilia L.
it leaves your face with a sticky feeling.
Ksenia V
I think it works. I'm 30, I see the lift, but I think it's meant for some deeper lines. Don't think it lasts long.. I think its cool to have if you don't mind spending these money.
fluttershed 101
It does lift and firm a bit and since it cost about tyhe same as other moisturizers I'd recommend it. But boy it it sticky!
Karen B.
Bernard E.
It's ok. I was surprised by the consistency of the product. I've only used it when going out.
Mary Rachel D.
I like it....I think it really helps smooth my wrinkles out...
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