Kim J. review of Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Kim J.
I love all of the green drinks, no "green" taste here! I'm getting healthy and have a lot less pain from inflammation. Be Cool has a nice taste, easy to add to your morning/daily ritual, whatever that may be. My favorite flavor.... pineapple, berry, no peach, wait cherry I think you get the picture! Try some, Ryan stands behind his products if for some crazy reason you don't like them!
Melinda P. review of Rewind Greens - Peach
Melinda P.
Loving the peach, love that I now can rotate 6 flavors for a new favorite everyday! I can’t think of a better breakfast!
Mike G. review of Green SuperJuice (Refreshingly Orange Flavor)
Mike G.
My first taste of SuperJuice was way better than expected. Others I've tried are chalky, leave an after-taste and taste artificial. Not Rewind's Refreshingly Orange. It's super all around!
Mike G. review of Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Mike G.
Perfect set up for the day! Rejuvenating Berry smoothie with strawberries and blueberries, 1 litre of water, and almond butter & jelly bar for afternoon snack. After 4 weeks of this routine, my body feels much more energized and flexible in movement.
Charity W. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Charity W.
I have been drinking the orange or pineapple green drinks for more than a month now. I love the taste and the benefits of all that good stuff! Please keep it up!
Debbie R. review of Green SuperJuice (Rejuvenating Berry Flavor) 5.00% Off Auto renew
Debbie R.
My boys love it!
Tammy L. review of Green SuperJuice (Rejuvenating Berry Flavor)
Tammy L.
I mix this with aloe vera juice. So tasty. So nutritious. My on the go drink😊
Victoria S. review of Green SuperJuice (Perfectly Pineapple Flavor)
Victoria S.
I just finished my first jar of Perfectly Pineapple and it is heavenly! Add it to coconut almond milk blend and it will have you singing “If you like Pina Colada’s, getting caught in the rain...”.
Donna  J. review of Green SuperJuice  (Orange)
Donna J.
Negative Nancy here (Donna) thinking this was going to taste minty and nasty. REWIND doesn't was FABULOUS and yes, reminded me of Tang! I am thrilled that I can FINALLY enjoy my fruits and veggies and have it taste like it is promised it will! So very pleased and happy with this product. Thank you so much!
Katie P. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Katie P.
It started with the bars. Absolutely love them so naturally I had to try the greens. Pineapple is amazing, so naturally I bought the other flavors. They're all amazing. Seriously the best-tasting greens powder ever. Quality products that don't taste like, or make me feel like garbage are hard to find. But thankfully I don't have to look any further because Rewind products are legit!
Wendy B. review of Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Wendy B.
I loved Ryan’s interview with Katie from the Wellness Mama. It inspired me to order the Variety Pack bars. My favorite is the Mint Brownie and my husband raves about the Almond butter and jelly. Those are perfect for him to take when he heads out fishing for the day. Will definitely be ordering more!!
Kate S. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Kate S.
Surprisingly good!! Most “veggie” powder I’ve tried seriously either tasted like straight up grass or just synthetic. This is so much easier to drink. I could make a whole pitcher and drink it throughout the day. Lol excited to try other flavors!
Karen  L. review of Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Karen L.
Endless concoction options! I often put frozen berries in my protein smoothies, so it was natural to dump a scoop of Rejuvenating Berry into them. It tasted delicious! I couldn’t even tell I was adding greens! That just made me wonder how this would taste mixed into healthy hot cocoa. Loved it! Again, no green taste...instead, a sweetened, slight berry flavored chocolate. Yum 😋. Thanks Rewind for helping me get my daily greens and making them taste good, too!
Christina S. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Christina S.
I bought all three of the flavors. I love them all but pineapple is my favorite. Whats even more exciting is that my 13 yr old super picky son has been drinking it as well. Now I know he is getting some good nutrients into his body. Will be ordering more!!
Jill K. review of Green SuperJuice  (Orange)
Jill K.
Best green drink by far! Tastes like OJ! Love it!
Georgia D. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Georgia D.
The only green drink that has blown me away! I’ve tried everything out there and always end up being disappointed by the taste and texture. This has refreshingly-delicious pineapple flavor, beautiful green-blue color, and I have to keep myself from drinking it multiple times a day. I’m reordering again and encourage everyone to try it. You’ll be hooked!
Sue Ann Z. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Sue Ann Z.
I have tried a few different green juice powders-they were ok but I just couldn't find myself drinking it everyday. Then I tried the pineapple green juice it is amazing!!!! I LOVE it and can't wait to try the other flavors
Suzanne O. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Suzanne O.
Love the Perfectly Pineapple! Extra insurance each day that I’m giving my body what it needs and fighting inflammation!
Jacqueline W. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Jacqueline W.
The Pineapple flavored green drink is amazing! My favorite way to enjoy is with almond milk, a few frozen berries and half a banana... blended it’s like a healthy milkshake for breakfast! Way to go Rewind!
Brenda H. review of Green SuperJuice (Pineapple)
Brenda H.
I have tried all three drink flavors. I love them all!! I have never been a big fan of orange, but I LOVE this orange! It may actually be my favorite. Pineapple is my next favorite with Berry coming in a close last which is really strange because Berry has always been my favorite flavor. So! Learn from me - try them all even if you think one of the flavors doesn’t sound all that great to you! You may be surprised!!!
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