Sarah S. review of Dishwashing Soap Bar (Lemon Myrtle)
Sarah S.
This soap is fantastic. I have been a convert to soap for washing up for a while now (pots and pans are no match for it and silverware shines like a dream) but struggle to find good bars for washing up. This soap is perfection, the smell is gorgeous and it cleans so well. I have one in a dish for scour pads and one in a soap shaker (get one of these, they are great). Thank you for a fantastic product.
Dishwashing Soap Bar (Lemon Myrtle)
Cathy L. review of Hudstone Regular
Cathy L.
So thrilled with my hudstone regular wash. So Economical, environmentally friendly and does a great job washing our clothes every time!
Hudstone Regular
Elise R. review of Laundry Starter Bundles
Elise R.
The best laundry and cleaning products I have come across that not only work like a dream but are safe for your family and with a newborn in the house the peace of mind every time I do another load of washing, especially on her cloth nappies, is absolutely priceless!
Laundry Starter Bundles
Asha  L. review of Laundry Starter Bundles
Asha L.
Just received my pack in the mail! Cannot wait to get cleaning. My sample Pre Soaker worked wonders on my whites. Converted officially!
Laundry Starter Bundles
Samantha G. review of Hudstone All Purpose Eco Spray
Samantha G.
Cleaned my (embarrassingly dirty) oven with ease! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I use the all purpose cleaner for everything!
Hudstone All Purpose Eco Spray
Samantha G. review of Laundry Starter Bundles
Samantha G.
I found hudstone last year and have replaced most of my home cleaning products with them! I love that they are non-toxic and safe to use around my family.
Laundry Starter Bundles
Love it
Hudstone Pre Soaker(SCOOP NOT INCLUDED)
jeanette s.
Ordered a few months ago but waited until finished products I already had (skimp). Used spray today on blood stains and iodine stains along with soak and washing powder. No more stains. Thank you
4kg Value Bundle (FREE SHIPPING)
Marie M.
I purchased your product 5/12/2020. The powder should last for about 6 more months [love it] but I'm almost out of the spray. Why I have so many stains is too complicated to explain. I'd like to buy a LARGE container of the spray to refill my two spray bottles Do you have a bulk buy on the spray?
All Purpose Laundry Spray
Vicki G.
This is the most amazing cleaner. I have started to use it all around my house. My stainless steel is so clean and water spot free. All my benches are so clean and a wonderful fragrance in my rooms. Thank you
All Purpose Laundry Spray Concentrate Refill (Makes 10 - 15 bottles)
Angela L.
I used hudstone regular half scoop on a load of4 kids dirty clothes,mud,dirt, really surprised how clean they came out,didn't expect such a good result,àlso I'll be saving so much money on wash products, thanks hudstone
Hudstone Pre Soaker
Best product I have ever used. Gets laundry loads beautifully clean, in cold water too, and doesn’t aggravate asthma and eczema that members of my family suffer from. So happy that this is Australian made, minimal packaging and best of all it does what it states it will do. Will be a lifetime user from now on. Thank you for your beautiful products.
Hudstone Sensitive
Natalia N.
This is an amazing product! I was skeptical at first but I’m so glad I tried this.. toxic free for my beautiful family.. thank you so much for creating a product safe and also one that works! I can’t rave about these products enough... so much love!
10kg Family Value Bundle (FREE SHIPPING)
Ross G.
Good allrounder
Laundry Starter Bundles
Jill O.
just started using this but we love it - my daughter has a problem with certain smells but this is fine, plus you use so little it will last for ages.
Laundry Starter Bundles
Maree O.
Great product and quick delivery. Thanks again Maree
Hudstone Regular
Margrit C.
love your great service, love your product, love supporting you
Hudstone Sensitive
Tracey .
This is a quality laundry powder that doesn’t destroy the environment and still gets my washing clean. A really great feature of this product is that it isn’t scented with those volatile laundry scents ( those harsh chemical scents make me sneeze!)
Hudstone Regular
Denise B.
Fabulous company to deal with Fast and efficient delivery Great product Helping the environment and reusing water in garden Thank you
Hudstone Fabric Softener + Refill options
Rebecca C.
The Hudstone Home washing detergent has really impressed us with our clean, fragrance free clothes. We love that each wash is just a small scoop. We will definitely purchase again, along with other items from the range.
All Purpose Laundry Spray