Lily L. review of Hair-Off™ Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine
Lily L.
This is my first time using this kind of product and it is very interesting. It’s pretty easy to use and adjust light levels. After the week that I used it, It doesn’t make my skin hair totally smooth, an but I feel like it clearly reduce the time of my hair growing. That’s a good start, looking forward to seeing the change.
Amy H. review of Hair-Off™ Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine
Amy H.
Highly recommend this at-home hair removal device! I've light skin tone and dark color hair, and use it for my legs. After 6 treatments, most of my leg hiar stop growing, and just need to do the treatment when needed. I was worrying about the problem of pain like most of users, but when did it at the first time, it just like a sting and there wasn't any discomfort. I'm very satisfy with this purchase, would recommend to my friends!!
Leona review of Hair-Off™ Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine
Being a real hairy women, this thing works for me. I've used it thrice and I'm honestly shocked for how less my hairs are growing.
Nicholas J.
My wife loves it!!! she has had a problem with unwanted facial hair most of her adult life. even though it has only been a month, we have both noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of hair she had. She said " oh my god, I don't have a five oclock shadow anymore" thank you for making my wife feel as beautiful as I always told her she is!!
Brett K.
Got this for my wife's birthday and she loves it. She used it for treatment in the legs and arms. Two weeks later, she said she can clearly see the hair is reduced and thinned. At first, it felt like mosquito bites, a little bit itchy but acceptable. Now she already get used to it. She set to level 4 and used twice a week, she said she doesn't need to go to beauty salon for hair removal anymore!
Usually I going to the beauty salon to remove my leg hair ,but when I bought this one and I used it for a while I can see my leg hair growing slow right I am happy with this product.
Maricica D.
My hair is growing back thinner and slower. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends!
It is a great hair removal device. I bought it for my girlfriend. She likes it since it helps a lot. It feels very comfortable when she uses it. I prefer to buying another one for my mother.
Fiona C.
I received it this morning and just tested it out. I have had professional laser treatments done before and I have to say this feels pretty close to what my treatments felt like at the salon. I treated my bikini area and my underarms. I will update in about a month or so with results.
Very impressed! I'm very satisfy with the results. Just buy it, worth the money!
More convenient than hair removal in a beauty salon I have been depilating in the beauty salon before, and I have to make an appointment in advance, which is very time consuming. I finally decided to buy this home hair removal device, the design is very beautiful. After using it 3 times, I think the effect is really good, and compared to the previous beauty salon, the hair removal time is shorter and more painless. I should buy it soon! I will recommend this product to my friends.
Angela M.
Easy to use, light and effective. Come's in with great packaging, ideal for gift.
Sharon N.
Love love love this machine. Worth every penny! I'm on my 4th session and underarm hair and bikini line have had unreal results. Lower leg hair is a bit lighter so I do anticipate more sessions. I have light skin and more body hair than most women, so I have always had a bit of insecurities with unsightly body hair. But now, I feel confident and happy.
Elaine R.
This is a wonderful product that does exactly what it is supposed to. It easily saves you the cost of having hair removed by a professional. It is weighted nicely and feels good in your hand. Set aside some time to do it right and you will be pleased with the results.
Angie F.
This product is simply amazing!!! I am so shock to see such a difference immediately after using. I just started using it on my bikini line and noticed a difference only after the 2 sessions. It didn't hurt too much on the bikini line. I've struggled with this for years end I can not wait to see the end result.
Rosmarie C.
I have this product since 3 weeks and have used it on and off, however I have to say it works works and works. Now I barley have hair on my leg, I used to shave every day and by the end of the day I couldn't wear any shorts because my hair grow back, Now I can go days without shaving or anything..... Love it love it and love it
Desiree L.
The most amazing gift I could have purchased for myself!!! Noticed a difference after 1 treatment and now my underarms are almost completely hairless, next will be my legs!! I am so excited about my Trial. Have told my friends they NEED to invest in a unit of their own.
Earl T.
I've got nothing but praise for this little laser that can be bought and used at home. WOW! Finally, all the hair I ever wanted to get rid off, is no longer there. It pays off completely. No regrets. No going anywhere. It's right at home and you got rid of the unwanted hair. Follow directions and enjoy.