Marcy F. review of Supreme Greens SPECIAL
Marcy F.
I was skeptical about the taste but thought I'd give it a try. By far the best tasting super greens I've ever tried!
Judith S. review of Supreme Greens
Judith S.
I have been overweight most of my life. Along with that came social awkwardness and insecurities that followed me through childhood and into adult life. About 15 years I took a fall down some stairs that seemed to hasten the progression of my arthritis and joint problems, leading eventually to severe pain, nerve problems and limited mobility. I needed to lose weight!!! Last November, I started looking into Keto -- and after a couple of weeks of getting into the routine of cooking again...
Alecia R. review of Supreme Greens
Alecia R.
Tastes great- was expecting it to taste more like other green powders but this one has a sweeter after taste. Not chalky at all
Debbie M. review of 3pk Supreme Greens Tag Special
Debbie M.
Love the Super Greens. It is nice to know I can with minimal effort keep a tasty balance in my diet.
Ricky F. review of Supreme Greens
Ricky F.
Feeling better than I did
Marlene C. review of Supreme Greens
Marlene C.
I'm hoping Keto will truly be a life changing way of eating for me🤠
Amanda B. review of Supreme Greens
Amanda B.
I feel better since including the supreme greens. I don’t consider the taste wonderful, but it’s a thousand times better than other greens mixes I’ve tried. I found that adding the supreme greens to my keto vanilla yogurt (and collagen peptides) is the best way for me to get in my daily serving.
Karen C. review of Supreme Greens SPECIAL
Karen C.
My introduction to KConscious was when I bought the Dutch Chocolate product quite awhile ago. It was good, and I decided to try the Green Superfood supplement in January, 2022. I really enjoy the green apple and pinch if cinnamon taste of this product! I drink it every morning. Green Superfood mixes well just by stirring with a spoon; Shaking makes some foam. I haven't used this product in a smoothie yet. It's yummy all by itself!
Marisol A. review of Supreme Greens
Marisol A.
Love feeling the energy I feel and enjoy all the meals
Raymond C. review of Supreme Greens
Raymond C.
I’ve been drinking this for about a week. I feel better overall.
Sandra H. review of Supreme Greens
Sandra H.
Supreme Greens are actually quite tasty. I have it as a mid morning pick me up. It dissolves easily in ice water. I know I am drinking something that is good for my body.
Tammy M N. review of Supreme Greens
Tammy M N.
It's the bests green drink there is! Tastes great!
Norma W. review of Supreme Greens
Norma W.
I love all three. Keto Active, Metabolic Energizer, and Supreme Green. I would like to order them again.
Kara G. review of Supreme Greens
Kara G.
I have IBS and i’ve tried several medications and supreme greens have work the best with little to no side effects!
Tammy M N. review of Supreme Greens
Tammy M N.
Best tasting green drink ever!
Kay T. review of Supreme Greens
Kay T.
Love all your products
Michelle L. review of Supreme Greens
Michelle L.
The flavor is so good ! Makes it easy to whip something up when I don’t feel like cooking AND it keeps me full. Definitely can tell the difference in gut health.
Margaret S. review of Supreme Greens
Margaret S.
I drink supreme greens every morning. I am down 30 lbs. I love the taste. Thank you
Nisha W. review of Supreme Greens
Nisha W.
I have been on keto for 5 months and have lost 37lbs. I have tried several of your products and they are excellent. The Supreme greens have such a pleasant taste and I look forward to making my daily shakes. It works well with coconut milk, almond milk, or even water. I will definitely be purchasing more products.
Diedra J. review of Supreme Greens
Diedra J.
It takes really great and I feel amazing! I love the apple flavor ! It have me energy and gave my skin a nice glow. It was quick & easy to prepare . I never knew greens could taste so delicious . Thanks for making super greens one of my favorites.😀 Diedra Jones