Love this harness. It is very sturdy, great quality. I was worried it would be too big for my Maltipoo, but the XSmall fit perfectly. We are still training her to not pull so this is a great harness for that. Thanks, Pug Life!!!
Keresa M.
Fits great. Bought this fit my neighbor and it's perfect.
Laurel T.
Our rescue pug Rocco loves his Pug Life Harness!
Pug Life Harness replied:
What a great model!! He looks amazing. Thank you for taking the time to review. Also for sharing this great picture!!
Sandy N.
Disa is a 7.5 month old Golden. Bought her a size large at Christmas time when she was 12 weeks old. Disa began wearing it shortly after. We didn’t think she would be more than 60 lbs. based on her parents and so far the large is perfect. We have adjusted it 3 times with more room to grow. Easy on/off design and it’s perfect for training a large puppy. The color looks beautiful on her and she loves it. Thanks again pugs Life!!
Courtney R.
Since getting this harness Charlie enjoys his walks more and pulls a lot less.
Jhnnie J.
The boy loves it it has such a calming affect from him it’s almost like a safety blanket he doesn’t tag he doesn’t pull his such a gym when I have this on him to walk I am so pleased with the outcome
Rose C.
Love it & my furry baby “Lola” doesn’t want me to take it off her🥰🐾
Susan C.
Love it! So easy to put it on/take it off on a corgi puppy.
Elizabeth S.
I’ve bought 3so fat and I will buy more 🐶
Michael S.
Arfy loves his new harness! It is so easy to fit over his huge ears:) it feels so safe and secure. Thank you pug life! Love, The hance family
Norma B.
It was a frustrating experience trying to get a harness on Lola, but she seems to like this one. It really is easy on,easy off. A little pricey but well worth it. So glad I took time to view your video on Facebook. I will recommend this one to anyone who walks their dog.
Jonette B.
I have to say I was a skepic, but it went well above. The fit is perfect and I can't believe the way he's walking on more pulling. Thank you for a great harness!!
Kimberly R.
My cocker spaniel is reactive and may go into a lunge out of nowhere. This gives me great control over her because of the handle.
Sandra F.
It is so easy and works exceptionally well with my arthritic hands .
Victoria H.
Louise M.
The harness is super cute to match a pair of super cute pugs. 2 seconds to put on which was always a struggle before because they just want to go! No one is slipping out and the extra loops work to train them to stop pulling so hard. In fact they train each other because i have the double leash. No one is left behind! This is a sturdy, form fitting, well made harness and much more comfortable for them. 2 thumbs up!
Melinda M.
Lucy's new harness is easier to put on and take off than any other harness she's had. She looks so cute wearing it!
Christine W.
I love the Pugs Life Harness for our Frenchie mix! We've tried several harnesses before the Pugs Life. It was really hard to get his head through some of them because he has a relatively large head to his body. The Pugs Life harness is the first we've tried that's a perfect fit for him. It's so easy to put on and take off. And it's so cute and fashionable to boot! He also doesn't pull in it (he did pull in most of his other harnesses)! We haven't even had to use the side ring! It's absolutely pe...
Lisa S.
As easy as advertised-wonderful product! We’re ordering for other family friends, as gifts.
Gabriel C.
Wonderful harness for my mom's rescue! Easiest on and off.
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