Donald L. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Donald L.
Really works! I got a couple of these.
Teresa W. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Teresa W.
Worked well!
Fredrick H. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Fredrick H.
Great product! You can see a difference after the first use. No sensitivity to gums. You can use it up to 2x a day, you don't have to, but you can. No mess. This is my second pen. I will continue to use it.
Jim Y. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Jim Y.
This is after 1 treatment. Just wow! I’ve used other teeth whiteners in the past and I’ve never seen my teeth get this white after using the whole box of them.
Roderick P. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Roderick P.
After 2 sessions, I saw immediate improvement. Been using it for 3 days. No sensitivity either. Just bought a couple more for future use. (Products sometimes disappear, I want to make sure I have this always.)
Marilyn M. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Marilyn M.
This review is overdue but I wanted to make sure it worked and let me tell you all that it indeed does. I constantly get compliments on how white my teeth are, and it’s a natural white, not like neon white. I drink 3 cups of coffee and 1 coke a day and you can’t tell from my teeth. The pen works wonderful for those quick touch ups. I always carry it in my purse.
Victor S. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Victor S.
I just started using this teeth whitening pen yesterday and I can already see a difference. I have one 30-yr-old porcelain crown in front to compare with my real teeth. The crown is several shades lighter than my real teeth. My goal is for my natural teeth to match the crown and they are speedily getting there.
Lashonda W. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Lashonda W.
This little pen works way better than I ever would have expected! I had a couple spots the dentist said needed to be deep cleaned to remove them. I used this for three days and the spots were gone.
Dana W. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Dana W.
Very happy with the results! After only 3 treatments.
Nelida T. review of Teeth Whitening Pen
Nelida T.
I have bought this before and it worked for me on cigarette and coffee stains. Got it for my granddaughter whose teeth were stained by meds and it is working on her, too, wasn't sure it would but thought it would be worth a try since it worked so well for me.
Mary C.
This actually did something noticeable to my teeth! I don't have movie-star white teeth now or anything, but even after the first use I noticed some yellow had definitely gone away. I'm happy with it. Try it and see what you think!
Laura G.
Started seeing results by day 2! I was shocked. I love it!
Hilary M.
This is amazing! In just a few days, my teeth were like 5 levels brighter than before. I'm really impressed and will definitely buy it again.
Joseph S.
It works really well and very fast. Causes no sensitivity for me.
Alisa L.
I was pleasantly surprised! It actually worked better than the leading brand I had been using!
George B.
This is so much more portable and it does work. You just have to follow directions, and you'll get results.
Melissa L.
As someone with very sensitive teeth who has been unable to use other whitening products, I really love this pen! It removes surface stains and whitened my teeth several shades. My teeth are noticeably whiter without pain or extra sensitivity. Plus, it doesn't taste awful.
Stacey T.
I received it today and tried it right away, I actually saw the stains on my teeth (close to the gums) disappear before my eyes. Unbelievable! No sensitivity for me at all either. I'll definitely be ordering more when I'm out!
Trina D.
This product is okay. I use it twice a day. This product does not make my teeth sensitive at all and doesn't leave a nasty after taste in my mouth. I just follow the directions.
Orlando I.
I purchased this for my mom. This is a fairly good product.
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