Beverley G. review of Astra (5 colors)
Beverley G.
It’s the best pair of shoes i have worn I have almost all of the live them to death lol
Kimberly A. review of Astra (5 colors)
Kimberly A.
I ordered these to wear at my warehouse job with my shorter jeans now that boot weather has passed. They are very comfortable and the fit is perfect even with my wide feet. I would not hesitate getting another pair in a different color.
Maureen M. review of Astra (5 colors)
Maureen M.
Great comfortable shoes. Stylish! You can walk in the all day
Jan M. review of Astra (5 colors)
Jan M.
Get lots of compliments and have been ask where I got them numerous times.
Traci D. review of Astra (5 colors)
Traci D.
These shoes exceeded my expectations! I have cancer induced peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. Comfort is my number 1 priority as well as support. With each step, I feel like I’m walking on cloud 9
Carol V. review of Astra (5 colors)
Carol V.
As you can see I love these shoes. I broke my hip and had my knee replaced and they are great for walking,
Lynda B. review of Astra (5 colors)
Lynda B.
I am so surprised at how well they fit. I can wear them all day without a problem. They are so comfortable and I get a ton of compliments
Maureen M. review of Astra (5 colors)
Maureen M.
The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. You can walk for hours, need no socks, breathable, no smelly odors, sturdy. I just love them! When out and about people stop and ask me where I got these shoes. Happy to share the information.
Carol W. review of Astra (5 colors)
Carol W.
I love these shoes. The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, really
Charlotte H. review of Astra (5 colors)
Charlotte H.
My son loves them. He said his feet never felt so good..
Wanda S. review of Astra (5 colors)
Wanda S.
When I accidentally ordered wrong color. They sent me a new pair no charge I have at least 6pairs of these shoes. The white is cute for summer
Jeanne R. review of Astra (5 colors)
Jeanne R.
I have rheumatoid arthritis these shoes allow my funky toes to just be I can walk so much better too
Christine S. review of Astra (5 colors)
Christine S.
These are my favorite sneaker! Great arch support, light weight, very cute! I’ve had many compliments on them. I will be ordering again! Than you Dee Trade!
Michael I. review of Astra (5 colors)
Michael I.
complete comfort on my feet all day
Ellen S. review of Astra (5 colors)
Ellen S.
I love, love, love these shoes. I was so thrilled and couldn't stop talking about their comfort and style, that my husband ordered some. He feels the same way! Light, fun and garner so many compliments whenever I wear them. Wow!
Sheila G. review of Astra (5 colors)
Sheila G.
I have a neuroma and these shoes are comfortable
Bonnie C. review of Astra (5 colors)
Bonnie C.
I love these shoes! It’s actually the fourth pair I’ve ordered. Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable. I get compliments on the black n gold colors all the time. Runs a little small, so I would recommend ordering a size up.
Barbara W. review of Astra (5 colors)
Barbara W.
Love. wish for more colors.
Sharon S. review of Astra (5 colors)
Sharon S.
I am a woman but I buy the men's size 10 because I have a wide foot. I would wear them as slippers too if I could. I have bad plantar faschitis but in these shoes no symptoms bother me at all. I love these shoes and bought a second pair as a backup. I even go for walks in them which I never walk anywhere because of pain. Get this several people at the places I have gone, men and women give me compliments on them and enquire where I got them too! Don't stop making them!
Cindy O. review of Astra (5 colors)
Cindy O.
These are absolutely the most comfortable shoes for my feet. I will be ordering another pair💖💓💖💓