Josephine T. review of Astra (5 colors)
Josephine T.
I have foot problems & they are very comfortable . This is my 3 pair & always very pleased with them . I would recommend them .
Paula L. review of Astra (5 colors)
Paula L.
I don’t need to carry extra shoes anymore!!!! I can wear these all day!! I’ve told friends and they love them also!! Thx Deetrade!❤️‍🔥
Kyle H. review of Astra (5 colors)
Kyle H.
Angus (the Scottie) loves these shoes too as they have made all day walking a breeze. I have plantar's and these shoes have been a blessing in terms of what other shoes provide. They are snazzier than the ortho shoes and I have 3 already. Advice: If you are in between sizes make sure you measure your foot as you may need to go up to the next size. For example- if you are a 9 and order the 40 which is for 8.5/9 you may want to do the 41 which is the next size up. Not my issue but was for my ...
Joyce A. review of Astra (5 colors)
Joyce A.
Well i got the shoes and i was pleased with what i saw the shoes is pretty tight because of how my feet is mot because of the shoe itself. I really like them my mother also liked them. I would like to purchase another one.
Marilyn T. review of Astra (5 colors)
Marilyn T.
I love my shoes-when I wear them my back does not hurt-even when I go on an all day shopping spree! Plus, no matter where I’m at always get compliments and asked where I purchased them-Dee Trade! I would had taken a picture of my white/silver shoes but a friend of mine loved them and wanted to try them for a week before ordering them-so far she loves them and has only had them for 48 hours.
Sue D. review of Astra (5 colors)
Sue D.
I love these shoes! I have bad feet & I can wear these all day with no problems! Will order more after this because they are so comfortable! Perfect for standing or walking!
Kim N. review of Astra (5 colors)
Kim N.
This is my 3rd pair of Astra’s! Absolutely love them! I have diabetic neuropathy and this is the only shoe I can wear all day and I get more compliments and people asking where I got them than any other shoes in my life 😁
kathrine r. review of Astra (5 colors)
kathrine r.
I rarely buy shoes on line but these are so cute and the reviews so good, I did. And I am so glad. They are so comfortable, fit perfectly and I get complements every time I wear them. I bought the black and silver and am ordering the white and silver. Perfect for travel--so light weight. Love them!!
Sheryl D. review of Astra (5 colors)
Sheryl D.
My shoes are very comfortable and they contribute to my stability and balance because it is though I am walking barefoot.
Suzanne B. review of Astra (5 colors)
Suzanne B.
Since a broken bone in my knee I have depended on this shoe for dependable and comfortable walking!
Glenda V. review of Astra (5 colors)
Glenda V.
I am a 77-year-old woman. Last summer during the Covid lockdown I got 2 new titanium knees. My feet have been bad too, but these shoes have been a miracle. Never, ever have I had this comfort in a shoe. Getting ready to buy my third pair!
Dorothy  M. review of Astra (5 colors)
Dorothy M.
I bought three pairs, would purchase more when you add other colors, ex. red. I have sarcoidosis, I can't wear shoes with style and class until I discovered your comfortable and stylish shoes. I get compliments from women as well as men. I love my shoes.
Phyllis B. review of Astra (5 colors)
Phyllis B.
Love them! Very comfortable!!
Kathryn C. review of Astra (5 colors)
Kathryn C.
I am 83 years old, have dupuytrens contracture on the bottom of my feet, that means I’m walking with large marble like nodes that have attached to my tendon..these shoes help me bend my feet when I walk, just like walking barefoot with a cover on your them! On a cloud is right!
Sharon S. review of Astra (5 colors)
Sharon S.
Need something for physical therapy after surgery and found these. Looked at the description and pretty much match what they ask us to take to the hospital with us and it was perfect. I have had some of the nurses asking about them.
Twana H. review of Astra (5 colors)
Twana H.
Very comfortable😁
Joy W. review of Astra (5 colors)
Joy W.
I can’t rave enough about these shoes. I’ve said I loved other shoes in the past when I would see them in the store or on someone else. But wearing these shoes I REALLY LOVE these shoes. I have 1 foot 1 size larger than the other due to a terrible injury in a tornado. I lost all the fat pad in that foot and the bone was so badly shattered they had to put a metal plate in. Imagine a hard plate, your skin and then a hard surface. I’ve worn the Crocs sandals for years even in the snow because I cou...
Angela C. review of Astra (5 colors)
Angela C.
I get compliments all the time.
julie h. review of Astra (5 colors)
julie h.
I was skeptical at first but when I received my first pair I was on cloud nine, Since then I ordered the white and silver and will soon order some more colors
leslie m. review of Astra (5 colors)
leslie m.
Like walking on air. My toes go to the very end. I wear a size 8 and ordered a size 8 but if I order another pair I’ll probably jump up to an 8 1/2.