Lilly review of Paw Print Pad
Im so glad I got this to capture my cats paw print!
Allison review of Paw Print Pad
Used this to get prints of my dogs for future tattoos. Easy to use, little mess and clear prints.
Mark review of Paw Print Pad
Got this to capture my felines paws, shes an old cat, so I was glad its toxic free ! Thank you
Ashley review of Paw Print Pad
Bought these for our dog's paw prints! Works great and no furry cleanup after!
Kim M review of Paw Print Pad
Kim M
This Paw Print Pad is fur baby safe.
Julia review of Paw Print Pad
I ordered these and they arrived Monday. My yorkie, Daisy got sick suddenly in early April. I took her prints Monday afternoon. They look perfect. On Tuesday, I took her to the animal hospital and she had gotten so bad there was nothing they could do for her. I am beyond devistated right now but so thankful I found these in time! I will forever have her paw prints.
Diane D. review of Paw Print Pad
Diane D.
This product worked out great for my dogs paw prints. Light, even pressure on a flat surface was the key for me. A gentle, controlled "press" worked great.
I used this to get my dog's paw prints.
A Visek
I got my cats paw print using this and got it tattooed today. I loved the detail it gave me of his print. It didn?t' look like eveyr other print that ou see, you can tell it's his. Definitely something I'm going to treasure.
I ordered this to get my dogs paw print for a tattoo I wanted. It turned out really well. Easy to use. I would recommend anyone wanting something similar.
Very clear and dark prints- can make out every detail of my cats paw print. Great product, would buy again.
Wow this worked so well
Jasmine S
I used this to make a pawprint of my puppy and it worked really well!
Great product. Highly recommended.
M Liew
Used this to get my dogs paw prints..worked great! And best of all, no mess on his paw or the floor!