Brooke review of Padded Heel Socks
hey stop your heels from sliding and blistering, are SUPER soft and cushiony, and are secure so they stay right where you place them with no worries of them slipping off! Love 'em!
Shay review of Padded Heel Socks
Great for wearing those tight new heels
Danielle review of Padded Heel Socks
I heard this from a friend because constantly get foot pain while wearing my favorite heels, so I bought these socks Immediately the tension in my foot was gone, GONE. It is a true life saver and I wear it almost every day!
Trisha review of Padded Heel Socks
These socks keep my foot snug and cofortable all day in heels! I always dread wearing heels but this makes it feel like im wearing sneakers!
Jenny review of Padded Heel Socks
Nice set of socks for my high arch heel pain! I got multiple pairs these are the only socks I wear!
These socks are just what I need for my heels for work! I dread wearing new shoes because they usually rub my heals until they are worn in...but not any more! I have placed them in multiple pairs of heels and have finally found relief when I wear shoes for 9+ hours at work.
This is a must have if you wear heels regularly, no more foot pain!
Super comfy, amazing how it can change a shoe!! Does not affect the fit of the shoe. Can't see it at all when wearing.
Finally can wear my favorite heels comfortably
I got these to wear these with work shoes and they make SUCH a difference. Warning: if you try to wear them with heels that show the top of your foot all the way down to the toe crack, these will show. But I wore them today with some high heeled boots that I love wearing under work slack and with dresses and they worked so well to keep my feet from hurting, not only because they add padding under the ball of the foot but because they have a honeycomb design which grips the bottom of the shoe and...
These are awesome in my high heels for saving yourself from slippage inside the shoe and blisters along the back of your foot. For me the best use of these is I have very sore cracked feet and these help cushion the weight when it spreads out and keep the foot from cracking more and hurting. Numerous pads in a package easy to use and can bring extras with you anywhere.
At last I can stand long hours with less pain. I have arthritis and I am a sales assistant, so they allow me to work ways comfortable than I used to. I even dared to wear high heels and dance with them on my friend_s birthday party. They are easy to maintain, washable and real finding. Thank to developers and distributors.
I like these a lot. Im overweight now and forgot when I was wearing any type of high heels, but sometimes when I do, its torture, so glad Ive got this soft cushions, they help my feet to feel better in heels. Recommend!
Theses socks are made of high quality soft and durable environmentally friendly medical material. Very comfortable. Suitable for all types of shoes. I really like the pillows. I recommend to all.
I sing in a choir so I stand in one place for hours. These were very helpful in keeping my feet comfortable. The added bonus is it helps my pumps stay in place on my foot when I walk.
It's finally spring in Chicago and I have a ton of shoes I got on sale and didn't get a chance to wear until now. Heels and flats. Most of them leather and needed breaking in. These things are life saviors! Seriously. Walking in new heels is no problem now :)
Very soft and comfortable, Im enjoying to use it. Spent all day on high heels and didnt feel it, no calluses! Love it!
I got these for my grandma since struggles with wearing her Sunday shoes. She loves them l! I will definitely have to order more down the road.
Really helps with painful calluses. Easy to use and definitely recommended.
Loving it!
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