Kim review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
After trying several kinds of foot cushion that did not meet the comfort I want, this foot cushion solve it! Its very soft and stays in place.
Pamela review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
These pads are really comfortable and help a lot in open toes heels. The balls of my feet usually hurt after an hr or so, but these made them stay comfortable all day.
Marie review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
Best part about these pads is they are very smooth & they snug into my heels very easily. It has a great grip, support & comfort.
Carolina review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
Super comfy, amazing how it can change a shoe!! Does not affect the fit of the shoe. Can't see it at all when wearing.
Shirley review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
This is a must have if you wear heels regularly, no more foot pain!
Jenny review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
Nice set of heel pads for all types of shoes. Very cushiony. Easy to slip into shoes, boots, etc. I like small heels, but get shin splints and/or foot pain. These help keep the pressure less and less pain at the end of the day. Can be used over and over.
Trixie review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
These heal inserts are just what I need for my ballet flats and heels for work! I dread wearing new shoes because they usually rub my heals until they are worn in...but not any more! I have placed them in multiple pairs of shoes and have finally found relief when I wear shoes for 9+ hours at work.
Trisha review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
I'm so happy with this product. I bought these for standing at work because sitting is the new cancer. I always try to stand at my new versa.deak but a few minutes in my feet would hurt and I'd sit back down. With these gel pads I can stand for twice the amount of time. These are great just for daily use in general walking and driving is much more comfortable.
Ana review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
Finally can wear my favorite heels comfortably
Lois review of Comfy Silicone Foot Pads (50% off)
I got these to wear these with work shoes and they make SUCH a difference. Warning: if you try to wear them with heels that show the top of your foot all the way down to the toe crack, these will show. But I wore them today with some high heeled boots that I love wearing under work slack and with dresses and they worked so well to keep my feet from hurting, not only because they add padding under the ball of the foot but because they have a honeycomb design which grips the bottom of the shoe and...
Susan H.
I got these for my sister who is battling stage 4 breast cancer. The chemo medications she’s on cause the bottoms of her feet to become very painful, to the point it’s difficult to walk. These are a miracle product. She puts these on and is able to walk and get through her day!!! Thank you so much for this amazing product. It truly is the little things in life....
Stacey C.
Haven’t bought it yet but know that it’s going to be great
I tested them out with a pair of heels that I love but can�t wear more than an hour and I was able to get 5 hours out of them!
once you place these on your feet they provide instant relief for sore and tired feet. helps with neutopathy nerve pain and the tingling right away!�
You feel it immediately, the perfect cushion needed in those pretty, but painful high heels.
These are a life saver. They are perfect for heels as they take the pressure off the ball of your foot and it feels like your walking on a pillow :) very easy to apply and easy to tell left from right.�
I wore these in 5 inch heels to a wedding recently, and they definitely improved my experience!
I�loved the fact that these metatarsal pads let me wear heels and walk around in the city comfortably! The cushions provided a good firmness yet softness to the balls of my feet, and the glue was solid so I didn�t feel the pads sliding around once attached to the soles of my shoes.
Very nice, i've always had problems wearing heels for a long amount of time. Especially open toes, i'd always get this burning sensation after 2 hours or so to where it hurt so bad i had to take them off. However these foot cushions helped me dramatically and i am very satisfied. There was definitely no burning or anything uncomfortable going on. I will definitely be buying more for my other pairs!
The cushions fit perfectly in my shoes (wear size 8 semi wide foot). I also liked that when wearing them on an open toed shoe, you cant see that the cushion is there. Although they are comfortable as they are, a little more cushion would be nice.
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