Hori Hori Garden Tool
Alexandra O.
quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. I was tired of reading the package for all the cheesy cheap made in china garden tools at the hardware store (so many of them have cancer warnings). They are made of materials that won’t last, aren’t sustainable, and won’t go back to the earth one day. This horihori is not only solid, but it is superior to all other garden trowels!
Hori Hori Garden Tool
Paula M.
I absolutely love this knife. It is my go-to gardening tool.
Hori Hori Garden Tool
Carol J.
Wonderful tool especially for divid hostas
Hori Hori Garden Tool
Sayo C.
I ordered two as gifts. Very beautiful and functional. They were bigger than I imagined (it didn’t occur to me but hopefully you can easily tell by looking at the inches marked on the blade!) A good size for gardening. Feels solid and sturdy. I have used it to dig out weeds, cut roots, clean up holes and edges, prep area for planting ground covers. Yes, I did say it was a gift for other people but I have found it useful and probably get myself one, soon.
Hori Hori Garden Tool and Knife
Rosie K.
Great garden tool for weeding and planting. Includes sheaf, sharpening stone and burlap sack. Read about hori hori (Japanese tool) and when I found this one at The Celtic Farm I had to try it. Very well made, good price and fast shipping. Excellent tool and love Celtic Farm.
Hori Hori Garden Tool and Knife
Linda P.
It was a gift for my mom and she was thrilled with it! The quality was such that she thought It cost way more than it did and I had to convince her to use it as intended.
Hori Hori Garden Tool and Knife
Jocelyn N.
Excellent soil knives plus great service, carefully packaged in minimal plastic, and fast shipping. What more can you ask for?
Hori Hori Garden Tool and Knife
Josephine H.
Super sharp! Great for planting, pruning, and weeding!
Hori Hori Garden Tool and Knife
Easton B.
Shipped and delivered within days and beautifully presented in a burlap poich with sharpening stone. So far, I’ve dug dandelions, mullein, and salsify in rocky soil and am so pleased with this tool. No chips or bends, smooth handle, and solid feel.
Leslie A.
A Hori Hori knife and Gramps dandelion puller are my two BEST garden tools. I don’t know how I got along without the Hori Hori! Those pesky grass shoots were gone in a quick dig. The Hori Hori knife is solid and has a pleasing heft. It’s well made and will probably outlast me! Get one! You’ll be glad you did. Happy Growing!
Lora N.
Great quality, loved it so much bought for myself and my best friend
Jon G.
I just came in from weeding out the south flower bed using my hori-hori. It is absolutely the best hand garden tool I have ever used! I've used it to weed the beds, furrow for planting seeds, and to move transplants. I am at least 50% ahead of last year on planting and weeding.
Jean O.
I have ordered several of these as gifts, as it is a great tool for many garden chores. Your customer service is terrific and very much appreciated. Thank you
Betsy L.
This tool replaced one I bought years ago at the Philadelphia Flower Show that was accidentally left in the garden and the handle did not hold up. It is SO nice and I am making sure to take better care of this one. It also came with a sharpener and case to keep it in great shape for wedding!
Harper G.
Anthony M.
I ordered 2 hori horis, but only one was included in the original package. I contacted customer service and they shipped the 2nd knife immediately, and it arrived in time for Christmas. I really appreciate that!
Sandra C.
It looks good and I hope it’s a successful gift for the gardener it’s going to.
Lynne M.
This item is a desired Christmas gift for our son. It was recommended to him by his knowledgeable neighbors. I’m sure he will be so excited to use the gift! The gift arrived in a very timely manor. Thank you!
Peter B.
I've been using the Hori Hori for decades, along with a Felco 2, as the tools I carry with me whenever I garden. Celtic Farm's version is strong and sharp, and a bit bigger than the ones I used to get, which I like.
Rose W.
I bought this beautiful knife as a Christmas gift. It arrived quickly and looks amazing. I’m sure the receiver will be thrilled with this gift.