Jamal P.
The energize body wash is good after a workout! Just started using it so far I like it.
Victoria O.
Wonderful smell, and lathers so well!!
Felicia L.
Love the smell. It wakes me up every morning and I feel so refreshed.
David W.
This stuff is absolutely luxurious! I love the smell.
Wendy U.
First time trying this and I really like it. The smell is awesome and it wakes me up!! Thanks again for a awesome product.
Jennifer O.
Its a great wonderful texture smells 😍 awesome keeps your skin hydrated
Primrose M.
Smells good and leaves my skin smooth.
Ishraaq I.
The smell is lovely It lathers easily and thats fantastic It leaves the skin feeling energised
Samone J.
I love the scent and I love how it makes my skin feel after a nice shower
Fatima E.
Very nice scent with generous amount inside.
Iyanu-oluwa O.
Feels good on the skin, with a lovely smell.
Keyline M.
Before I go to work I used it and I be so energetic at work I think this is my favorite so far love it
Elizabeth J.
This body wash is perfect for the entire body! Face too! I had bumps on my face that wouldn’t go away and when I used this bottle, everything cleared. I feel clean and rejuvenated, literally. It also helps to shower with this bottle in cool water temperature because hot showers opens up your pores and whatever you’re washing off goes straight into your pores!! Cold water keeps your pores closed to the dirt and bacteria that you’re washing off doesn’t go back in. Highly recommend!!! I love it!
Chastity W.
I love the smell and lathers up really good.
Debbie R.
Love this shower gel. Smells gorgeous and leaves skins so soft and supple. Not surprised it was sold out when I went to restock. Will be keeping an eye out for its comeback but will try “calm” in the meantime.
Judita N.
Using the bath liquid for the first time and am losing it so much. I love the way it smells too. I have been using this product for sometime now and I must say, every one I have used so far is amazing.
Karen D.
This shipment was quick and well wrapped. Very soft scent. Looks forward to using it every morning.
Debbie W.
Marisa M.
Smells amazing, left my skin very smooth
Kimberly D.
Love it