Wendel B. review of Sticky Gel Pad
Wendel B.
taped phone to the window all happy, thank you seller
Gabriel L. review of Sticky Gel Pad
Gabriel L.
Very sticky. hasta the time has exceeded my expectations. stopped By almost 5 minutes a HARD about medium kilogram of weight. I I retired after 5 minutes.
Brock K. review of Sticky Gel Pad
Brock K.
They seems to work well, i hope the strength will rest for long time
Steven A. review of Sticky Gel Pad
Steven A.
You will stop using phone holder once you buy this GEl Pad people it works Yes It Works.
Gertie S.
Excellent works really well with my phone in the car.
Geo D.
Quality product.
Just got mine a few days. They hold very well. They Work Great!
Michelle H.
Love it.
It works ! Using instead of phone holder,just not sure how it will stand up to heat in car over time but pleased so far.
Mary M.
Received my order, couldn't wait to try it! This phone bibi is great! I also ordered 5 more to send as 'party bag' gifts that we will be handing out at my husband's 68th birthday. It will be an appropriate gift for all the adult children at the event! Party bag gift, stocking stuffers, work rewards, the options are many for this item.
Tina W.
Bought 3 of these for our cars! They are amazing! Hold our phones w/o any issues! Even my husband loves these and he's a bit picky! LOL! Would purchase again! Can see many uses for these in the house, too!
Karen J.
I absolutely love these. I bought 4 of the clear ones and they seem to work on any surface. What a great idea someone has thought of.
Brenda C.
I had to rate it to get to this part so I put that I love it! I LOVE the advertisement n HOPE it does what it says it does. Especially since I ordered 6 of them lol I can't wait to get mine. It's scary putting in ur credit card info on adds u see on facebook but I'm going it is legit. I'll update u all when I hopefully receive mine. Excited to try it! Wahooooooo!!!!
Great product! Just way cheaper on Amazon.
Yvette C.
I love this displace and really wanted the big triangle but unfortunately your all sold out which I completely understand. Will you be getting more? If so can you please put me on your list I'd like to or one big and 2 round please. Thanks, Yvette
Kirstie S.
Its so great on my dashboard it keeps my things from sliding around
Rocky V.
It simply works as advertised. It's a very handy gadget to own.
Apryl P.
Great product. I love that it sticks anywhere flat & hard. Fun thingy. 😁
Pita P.
Once you use them on a surface and remove it some of the stickiness goes away. Also be aware the pad took the crystals right off my iPhone cover.
Ola A.
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