David R.
Couldn't be happier! Peonies are available for such a short period of time, and "Big Flora" make them outrageously expensive, or mixed in with other flowers. I was able to order a 'grand' box of 10 stems for less than Big Flora were asking for half that many blooms. While the estimate of bloom from bud is 24-48 hours, mine have gradually opened from the first 24 hours right up until 5 days (and I still have one of them to fully open tomorrow!), so it's been a beautiful adventure to unfold. I w...
I love peonies, so I ordered some from Floraly. I must admit I was surprised how well the beautiful blooms lasted. They were beautiful for about a week. :)
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Belinda B.
Most amazing online florist that I have ordered from. The peonies came in a box, all beautifully shut, and within a few hours they started opening up. The colour is magnificent! I am a true convert of floraly! I won't order flowers from anywhere else now!
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Absolutely loved the Peonies! Although there was a delay in delivery, I was kept informed until the flowers arrived. Thank you!