Essa review of Seasonal Flower Subscription
Such a beautiful arrangement! Highly recommended!!! Fresh, long lasting and beautiful! Thank you Floraly team
Elana B.
Beautifully packaged . Efficient . On time delivery with notification that it was delivered. Brigtened up the birthday of recipient who is nit well. She looks forward to her ongoing deliveries. Thank you
Shannon P.
Beautiful flowers and variety, last for a long time
anna l.
Was great! I'll definitely use your service again and I love the subscription option. The gift that goes on giving. Well priced, generous and beautiful.
Guy B.
Great bunch, quick to unpack, recyclable packaging, long lasting. Can't argue with that :)
Emma V.
I was on exchange for 6 months so to be able to provide my parents with a monthly gift from Christmas for the last 3 months I was away was lovely. It was great to get sent photos of the flowers that arrived each month and really was a wonderfully run process with their delivery!
Tanya G.
Loved getting flowers delivered to my door, but I thought the bouquet had an awful lot of leaves. I think you can do better with your leaf:flower ratio. I like gum leaves but it was overkill! Looking forward to next month's delivery,and some more bud action. thanks!