Hope F. Edwards
Love my Elfinbook mini! I am a big “to-do” list person and love to write on notepads. Sometimes I will scribble a few notes and (eventually) throw away the paper.... this is a great way to feel better about my habits and not waste paper! Also, love that I can erase using a dampened cloth. I would definitely recommend this!
Barbara C. Jordan
I had bought this to keep next to my computer to replace sticky notes. Its eraseable and I can use their app to upload, sort, and save notes I need or want to keep. Sounded like a no-brainer to me. However, when it got in my girlfriend and I started playing around with the notebooks (I also bought another in the executive size for work) and the app... well my girlfriend decided the mini was now hers. I really like my elfinbook mini, so I will probably buy another mini for myself soon. I definite...
Christopher J. Buie
How did I live without this notebook????? I use it every day...I’m not killing trees...it erases cleanly with water and very little effort. I haven’t lost a pen yet....it’s the perfect size to grab and go....love it !!!!!
Jessie E. McMahon
Elfinbook does it again! I've been using the larger executive size Elfinbook for a while and love the technology behind it. This mini version is a new favorite! It so convenient and easy to have in my bag or car. I'm in the middle of buying and designing a house so I use this mini to bring with me everywhere and jot down design ideas, drawings, and lists and later upload them to my google drive or text them. I'm definitely also going to buy one for my husband who is a sticky-note hoarder- this ...
Rachel B. Zamora
Absolutely love this product. Tough and holds up in my pocket with daily use. Works perfectly and lets me keep all my temporary todo and daily lists. This helps tremendously with my organization.
Steven M. Reynolds
LOVING my Mini so far! I've been a proud user of the Elfinbook for months now and I was so excited when I saw Elfinbook started making a travel version. I'm constantly on the go (who isn't...), so the smaller size goes right in my pocket or the front of my backpack. And I was also psyched that I can send notes from both Elfinbook to the same cloud services with the same Elfinbook app account. Thanks, Elfinbook! Please continue your infinite voyage!