Jaimie S.
Great option to select if you are planning to use your pots indoors to manage any drainage. So easy the team added the right size for your pots. No hassle trying to find the right tray at the nursery. I was ready at add my plants to my beautiful pots and enjoy straight away!
John J.
Slugg is a one stop shop, pot clusters and pot tray sets, brilliant!
Lori W.
These pot trays was a great addition to my cluster purchase, I really loved that I was ready to get my pots all set up striaght away and didn't need to go purchase anything else!
Carla W.
No mess! The trays on the inside of the pot is such a great idea, I am very happy I purchased these with my trio of pots.
Carol W.
These are great! Awesome way to keep your pots inside.
Shawn A.
My pots look great, and because I didn't plant directly, I can switch out the plants as I choose. Love it!
Charles R.
I am really glad I purchased the trays to go inside the pots, makes it so much easier when keeping the pots indoors.
Gregg B.
I am absolutely obsessed with the trays on the inside, how no one has thought of this before I do not know!
Corey T.
The pot trays to go inside the pots is genius!
Charles F.
The pot trays are a great addition! I just take my plants outside to water, and bring them back in once they have drained.
Scott S.
Love this! As soon as my order arrived, I didn't need anything else apart from plants!
Kevin M.
Love that you can keep these within the pot out of sight, but also have peace of mind no water will go through to the floor.
Virginia W.
Love that these go inside the pot instead of changing the whole look of the pot on the outside.
Drew S.
Game changing idea!
Jessica W.
Such a great idea! Great for indoors.
Kyle P.
Such a clever idea to have trays that go on the inside!! I was hesitant to purchase the pots as they had drainage holes but as soon as I saw these trays I was sold!!
Allison W.
Best idea for these to fit inside the pots!
Daniel S.
SO SMART! This makes it so easy use the pots either inside or outside and just move them around.
Katie E.
I purchased the trays and the drainage kit because I didn't know if I wanted my pots inside or outside, and the trays are a great idea!
Carol D.
Very glad I purchased these trays with my cluster, such a great idea and means no accidental water spills!