Trenton S.
These little bad boys are the fastest ways to make a solid water tight wire connection. As chief engineer on a private yacht, i use them a lot: easy to use in a tight space (as long as you shield sensitive things from you heat gun with a little aluminum foil) and I really like how water tight they are.
Ean Z H.
Where were these back in the days. I can do simple solder jobs witht is inside the house without the fumes and extra equipment. This product is awesome. I even used this on my Harley electrical.
C .
Great product that makes joining wires easy. I was able to use a lighter to melt the solder and the heat shrink, couldn’t be easier.
Domenick G.
Excellent Product.
P H.
I used to extend wires on a Home Threater System. It is far superior to the traditional crimp butt joint. I used a heat gun toseal joint.
Great packaging, great product and fast delivery. Haven't tried the yet thou
Very useful and practical. Good quality. No soldering is required.
Les H.
Just what I expected, can't wait to use each item. Thanks for the great service!
Keith C.
Great product
Brett P.
They work just like the video shows. Pretty cool. Definitly heat the ends first for help holding wires in place as you melt solder and adhesive rings.
Van S.
Tested... seem to work great...Good buy in my opinion
I used them in the Air Force. Working on F-111,F-4,F-15,F-16. They work great.
Kevin F.
Haven't purchased any yet. But I was wondering if these are available in bulk for fleet usage?
I'm very satisfied
thank you, all ok
wonderful, thanks.#recommend
Nice item. Top score
Very good product! works like a charm. Glues good, and even the solder works as it should.
good wire connectors