ANTHONY M. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
My wife had stability problems. She has MS. She would not stand without holding to someone or something. Using the cane was imperative. Now as soon as she bought these knee supports she feels more confident, even walks without the cane. Let's see how she gets on from now on! Regards. Anthony
Peter C. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Peter C.
Just starting out with knee stabilisers. So far so good Will wait a week or two to assess success level I have appreciated customer service friendly and helpful.
Steve E. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Steve E.
I have had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) for over 20 years now and I’ve tryed everything you can think of with no success too find something too help with the pain!! So I throught I would give these knee cap things ago!! And much too my surprise they are great it takes few times too get use too them but now I can walk without hobbling!! There the best thing I’ve come across in over 20 years!! I love too walk normally again, I can now do what ppl take for granted!! 😎👍
Ron G. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Ron G.
I'm a 70 year old man with a full left knee replacement, a recent back operation and arthritis in my lower back. These are great for supporting me walking up stairs and raising up after squatting down. I'm able to walk up the eleven stairs from the lower level to the main level of our home, without pulling myself up by the hand rail. I love them! I wear them in public during warm weather, when I wear shorts, or under long pants when the weather is cooler.
Gabriel Gomez Margaritas G. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Gabriel Gomez Margaritas G.
Ones u get comfortable is awesome.
Scott R. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Scott R.
I have progressive MS and it's tough for me to walk because my left leg drags and I need a cane. I put these on and I'm walking normal now as the spring assists my leg to move like it used to. Best money I ever spent
LaTonja C. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
LaTonja C.
It takes a little while to get use to it but once you do it works great. Would love some protection for the front of my knee I have no knee cap and it’s very sensitive but other than that it’s good
Jerry F. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Jerry F.
Still keeping knee out off pain.
Carla F. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Carla F.
I bought these for my 84 year old father to support his knees and they do help matter of fact it was like having my Dad back to normal. We had seen him walk normal in a long time. I also think they are going to give him the stabliably that he needs to keep him from falling down. My mom had tears in her eyes when we First put them on him and watched him walking. So thank you very much. We Love Them!
Rogers S W. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Rogers S W.
Just had knee surgery in march and love to wear the braces because it feels great to be able to work and especially play golf in them! Very nice product!
GREG B. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
I don't have a camera or a phone to take a picture, but my son Loved them as well so I want another pair for him.
Brenda B. review of Power Knee Stabilizer Pads
Brenda B.
Great product, really helps. Thank you I am 83 years old and can now enjoy gardening again. Very well designed and easy to wear. Kind regards. Brenda
Esau V.
Really like them, it sure makes a difference, thank you
will check after using a fortnight
Richard D.
Since I discovered that I have arthritis in both knees, I concluded that it doesn't make any sense to have my left knee replaced, so I opted for shots in both knees. That helps, but as soon as I put on the Power Knee Supports, my wife says that I am walking normally again. Yes, it is a little harder to get into the car, but my walking is almost normal. I attached the supports directly to my skin. It makes a little indentation, no problem.
apolinar v.
Nice product . Happy with the purchase
Brad F.
A little bit bulky but they are comfortable to wear and they do make a difference.
Kobie S.
Fantastic, I feel like Superman!
Sheila M.
I love these knee supports. They significantly reduce my knee pain.
C R.
Unpacked the product and tried to put on my legs, but initially couldn’t figure out how the straps worked. After looking at the instructions, all came clear. I tried using the helpers on my legs by going up a set of stairs and it seemed to help. More practice on my part will be needed.
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