AtPerry's Healing Crystals - Reviews

Elham K.
It is so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️
White Fire Opal Silver Earrings
Lynnette T.
Absolutely love it
Luxurious Rainbow Mystic Topaz Ring - 925 Sterling Silver
Lynnette T.
I am so impressed with the necklace.
Rainbow Mystic Topaz Pendant Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver
Randi n.
A beautiful ring I bought for my daughter. Her birthstone is opal and was expecting her baby to be born in September so the sapphire was perfect! The center stone is more turquoise than blue but she still loves her new ring.
Blue Sapphire Opal Ring
margaret d.
I ordered the wrong size but can sort that. This ring matches my earrings perfectly and they sparkle so beautifully. I am extremely pleased with both my purchases. I have long hair which does not let you see the earrings so they are in the box for photo. I do hope to wear them both for next photo though.
White Fire Opal Flower Silver Ring
Earlindah L.
Nice and presentable
7 Chakra Energy Generator + Chakra Grounding Bracelet (Shipping to US only)
Hanadi N.
Love it simple and elegant
Paw Pink Rose Quartz Stud Earrings - 925 sterling
Mesa B.
I love the product. This purchase was for my sister because I love the power of the Yoni Egg. I bought them hoping they would come in time for my sister's birthday but they were over a month late. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I wish I had had a gift for her on her special day. Next time I order I will expect it to be on time. Other than that everything was great, the packaging, my favorite was the cute asian themed carrier pouch for the eggs.
Natural Black Jade Yoni Egg for Kegel Exercise 3 pcs. (1 set)
Jeanne C.
Sorry I’m in hospital can not use my keychain but I love the look and feel Thank you
Natural Stone Crystal Evil Eye Keychain Pendant
Alyssa T.
I love, love, love, these earrings they are so pretty and sparkly!!! The picture doesn't quite do them justice you have to see them for yourself. I would highly recommend these earrings to anyone wanting very nice pair of stud opal earrings!!!
White Fire Opal Silver Earrings
Pamela S.
Beautifull Ring, Perfect size and Fast shipping.
Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring
Faye A.
First of all, I did send a photo of this garnet necklace via Facebook and e-mail a couple of weeks ago, give or take. It was against the wood table, which I think made it look elegant. It is late, and right now it would be hard to navigate it. If you go to my Facebook page and look under Photos taken by me(Faye), you will find that necklace. Or go to your fairly recent messages that I sent through Facebook as well as e-mail. You should find it. My Facebook page is under the name of Faye Ad...
Garnet Stone Necklace - 925 Silver Sterling
Angelica B.
Es un diseño hermoso
925 Sterling Silver Amethyst Citrine Garnet Peridot Sky Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring
Angelica B.
Me agrado mucho el color, combina con varios estilos
Morganite Stud Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Ana Julieta M.
Me encanta! Una hermosa joya, que además me hace sentir genial! Gracias por su constante atención y por la buena calidad en sus productos.
Manchurian Peridot Gold Ring
Maria M.
Amazingly beautiful ❤️ I'm wearing day and night 😊
Feng Shui Citrine Yellow Crystal Pi Yao Pi Xiu Xie Bracelet For Wealth
Gail R.
This Opal Pendant is lovely. I couldn't be happier!
White Fire Opal Pendant Necklace
Lisa S.
I’m in LOVE !!! Thank you
Luxurious Rainbow Mystic Topaz Ring - 925 Sterling Silver
Gretchen B.
For a dainty ring it reflects a dazzling burst of color and sparkle! And, it pairs beautifully with the lovely gift you included with my purchase. Before I could wear the ring I had to polish the rest of my daily worn jewelry because they were so pail and dull in comparison to my new little addition.
White Fire Opal Ring - 925 Gold Plated
Barbara N.
Love this ring! Received it yesterday and have already gotten several compliments!
Rectangular Green Morganite Ring - 925 Sterling Silver
Kim R.
This combines two gems I love blue topaz and prehnite! It’s beautiful💕
Prehnite & Topaz - 925 Sterling Silver
Karen E.
It took a while to receive them but they are gorgeous! Love them! Thank you At Perry's! Can't wait to get my green opal ring and earrings!
Orange Fire Opal Silver Earrings
Bozica M.
Lovely ring, stones are beautiful.
Sapphire Little Diamonds Ring - 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Mohamoud A.
Health Magnetic Bracelet Bangle
Nancy V.
These opals are the most beautiful opals I have ever seen! I opened the box and I about fainted with excitement! I could not believe my eyes! The set is exquisite and is even more beautiful than I expected! They have so much color in them and are worth every penny I spent. They look a lot more expensive than they are. It was a really nice plus that I had a great coupon to use on this purchase. I highly recommend this set to any one that loves opals!
Natural Ethiopian Welo Fire Opal Pendant & Bracelet
Margaret D.
Good just would like to be able to get longer chain
925 Sterling Silver Twisted Chain
margaret d.
I love opals they are my birthstone for Oct I don’t own many opals other than a jar full of small ones so these earrings are wonderful. I am going to buy the opal ring now to go with it.
White, Blue & Orange Fire Opal Long Stud Earrings
Renata P.
Love, love the colors very vibrant and I have received many compliments!!
Blue Fire Opal Silver Bracelet
Anita L.
This Opal ring is gorgeous with lovely purple Amethyst highlights. Good quality Opal and shines with a range of beautiful colours. I am very happy with this ring. Opal is my birthstone and I just love it.
White Fire Opal Amethyst Silver Ring
Perry P.
Love the ring not sure if it is a real stone though lol 😉
Luxury Men Rings