AtPerry's Healing Crystals reviews

Alaric M. review of Amethyst Square Crystal Ring
Alaric M.
I bought this as a present for my wife, who is very hard to impress and she loves it! The quality in the cut of the stones and the design overall is excellent! Thank you.
Aura G. review of 3 Tiny Mystic Topaz Ring - Sterling Silver
Aura G.
I have no words to Express my gratitud, I was buying plástico until I found your site, thank you for sell real stone and great quality. Thank you!!! I made a big order for Valentine's day Im sure my friends and daugther will love it!!! Thank you!!
lissette b. review of Natural Healing Green Crystal Skull
lissette b.
I absolutely love my Green Healing Crystal Skull. I shined a light through it from the back and you can see all the patterns and markings within. It's just remarkable.
Brandi P. review of Garnet Stone Necklace - 925 Silver Sterling
Brandi P.
I have been collecting garnet and marcasite jewelry for years. This beautiful piece is a new favorite in my collection. I am usually not a fan of garnet cabochon pieces, but the vibrancy and depth of color in this stone is truly beautiful. I love it!
Patricia A. review of Mysterious Rainbow Topaz & Amethyst Silver Ring
Patricia A.
The beauty of this ring was so much more than I expected. The rainbow topaz stone with the amethyst stones on each side was absolutely gorgeous. It sparkles so much when the light hits it. The topaz looked to be very large shown online. I thought perhaps it looked bigger than what I thought it was. When I opened the package and the box that it came in, it was just as big as shown . The amethysts on each side absolutely set the topaz off. I love it!!
Randi n. review of Blue Sapphire Opal Ring
Randi n.
A beautiful ring I bought for my daughter. Her birthstone is opal and was expecting her baby to be born in September so the sapphire was perfect! The center stone is more turquoise than blue but she still loves her new ring.
margaret d. review of White, Blue & Orange Fire Opal Long Stud Earrings
margaret d.
I love opals they are my birthstone for Oct I don’t own many opals other than a jar full of small ones so these earrings are wonderful. I am going to buy the opal ring now to go with it.
Anita L. review of White Fire Opal Amethyst Silver Ring
Anita L.
This Opal ring is gorgeous with lovely purple Amethyst highlights. Good quality Opal and shines with a range of beautiful colours. I am very happy with this ring. Opal is my birthstone and I just love it.
Sharon H. review of Rainbow Mystic Topaz Crystal Bracelet
Sharon H.
I have been ordering some jewelry lately and been disappointed sometimes. Was hesitant to order this, but it looked so beautiful in the picture and I love mystic topaz, so thought I’d give it one more try. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! The color and quality of the stones are wonderful! The delivery time was quick. Very happy with this bracelet and company!
Heather M. review of Emerald White Silver Ring
Heather M.
Probably not meant to be worn 24/7, as it did leave a hint of a gray mark on finger. Corners are “pokey”, but I’m sure will round slightly with use. But my dream to have an emerald ring in the same style as my mother’s wedding ring, absolutely wonderful.
Michele S. review of Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring
Michele S.
I so believe in the power of crystals and healing. I am so happy to wear this ring it is beautiful and even though I am a petite woman I can wear large rings. The arrived arrived wrapped extremely well was a little bit delayed in getting here but I was so excited to open it and put it on my finger. With some of my health issuso I ordered another one for my very best friend of 63 years! We were born two houses apart. Our moms met, I was a year older. Still to this day we phone each other and...
BIRGITTA L. review of Turkish Sapphire Mosaic Ring
Had to wait for it! BUT worth every single day of waiting/ I had really nice support mail all the time! Very nice🌹 THE RING finally came, AND It was like receiving a TREASURE, nothing like other Rings I bought fr other places before! This IS "THE RING" And I DO ADORE, how it looks, colourings, beaming, very comfy to wear! And I'm gonna wear it A LOT!:)* Thanks for really Nice Support along the way! Highly appreciated! And the RING, my FAVOURITE! For SURE I will return and buy some more jewelrys ...
Cheryl D. review of Rainbow Topaz & Crystal Ring
Cheryl D.
I find that your pieces are of superb quality and your prices are fantastic! I don't wear silver so I would love it if more gold plated rings were available.
Bec H. review of Scorpio Amber Gemstone - 5 Styles
Bec H.
Absolutely beautiful. Purchased for my stepdaughter (can you guess her name?) who is a is Scorpio star sign. Hopefully she’ll get it. 😂 😂 I’ve not been disappointed by any purchases from this store. I keep coming back!
Amy C. review of Dipped Black Crystal Tourmaline Pendant
Amy C.
I purchased 3 of the black tourmaline necklaces with silver and I absolutely love them! Two are gifts and one is all mine! I don’t really like the chains that they come on, however, that is a very easy fix because they’re super simple to change over to my favorite silver necklace. The necklace is this picture is the original chain. I’m putting my sweethearts on a black leather more masculine necklace. Love the stones! I was thinking they would be much smaller. I recommend these products. Light a...
Verna C. review of Amethyst Square Crystal Ring
Verna C.
This ring is astonishingly beautiful! I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship. The stone settings are well done, and solid. The gems themselves are so gorgeous that they are hard to describe. My compliments to At Perry's for a job well done!
Romani E. review of 3.4ct Emerald Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver
Romani E.
the certificate of quality and purity of the stone would be a greater guarantee that the stones are natural I wish you all a lot of serenity and health Ezio Romani
marianne N. review of Bohemia Beads Beaded Multi Strand Stretch Bracelet
marianne N.
The things that I have received from you has been very nice. But I still miss some earrings I have ordered earlier from you. But I hope they are on their way. Else I have only good things to say about you
Monica R. review of Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling Silver
Monica R.
I'm really happy with my moonstone ring. It's really pretty and a good size (not really bulky or big) for my taste. Seeing the pictures of other customers wearing the ring influenced my decision to purchase this ring. Thank you so much.
Wynne W. review of Double Head Green Jade Roller
Wynne W.
This jade roller is easy to use & actually distresses you at the same time it helps your skin! I am so happy about it I got one for my sister. I use an oil on my face ( it’s Radha Roeship oil) which is absolutely perfect for the rollers use! It’s been a week & have noticed a big difference in my faces skin- it’s firmer & very clear; who knew it would be this easy. If you need more info about it; look on Allure magazine which explains it all!
Danielle M. review of Natural Ethiopian Opal Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver
Danielle M.
This necklace is so beautiful! The Opal is a good size and looks flattering without being too Gody on. The Opal is colourful like a rainbow when it hits the light. So Beautiful! Very happy with my purchase!
Jennifer B. review of Green Fire Opal & Emerald Ring
Jennifer B.
Absolutely gorgeous! I purchased the same ring in orange and was stunned by the quality and beauty upon receiving it. I had to come back and purchase the green. I am every bit as delighted and the price is unbeatable!
Ela Durell B. review of Amethyst  925 Sterling Silver Ring
Ela Durell B.
I love the ring, and it looks just as pretty ‘in person’ as it did in the advertisement. But, though announced as sterling silver, it bears no 925 marked on the ring! ?
WENDY W. review of Blue Sapphire Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
This is my first purchase from Perry's, these earrings are beautiful outstanding quality and craftsmanship, I was doubtful at first being it was over 15 days to receive, so worth the wait I shall be ordering more items come pay day.
Matt H. review of Turkish Sapphire Mosaic Ring
Matt H.
Omg I looooove thiiiisssssSSS peice,especially!!! But I have to say every single piece of jewelry I hv bought is an exceptional peice of art...& I have bought 6 items so far...I looooove ur jewelry...exceptionally crafted...quality jewelry, by far ! Sincerely, Matthew Heddle
Melissa D. review of Natural Labradorite Crystal Necklace
Melissa D.
It is so beautiful!! The picture really doesn’t do it justice! I’ve only had it a few days and have received dozens of compliments on it! Love this store so much and they always have excellent customer service 💕
Linda S. review of Lovely Bow Rose Gold Ring
Linda S.
Wow It's sooo much prettier than I even thought it was going to be!! I Love it!!! Everyone loves my bow ring and I have received afew compliments already just from Physical Therapy where I have my knee worked on!
Jennifer C. review of White Fire Opal Silver Earrings
Jennifer C.
Beautiful Earrings! I love the play of colour in the opals, and also love the sparkle from the little crystals which surround the opals. Will definitely get plenty of use out of these! Thanking you very much for your gorgeous jewellery! :-)
Jennifer C. review of White Fire Opal Stone Design Pendant Necklace
Jennifer C.
I've always loved opals, and when I spotted this gorgeous elegant White Fire Opal Pendant at AT Perry's, for an amazing price, I couldn't resist getting it for myself. I was pleasantly surprised that it came with a nice chain as well. The opals are beautiful, and have a lovely play of colour through them. Anyway, I am very happy that I bought this pendant, and will definitely get a lot of use out of it. Thank you so much!
Gary I. review of Amethyst Silver Heart Necklace
Gary I.
The non clasp end of the chain came apart while my wife was going to put it on for the first time. We'll have to get a jeweler to put it back on as the chain seems to be pretty delicate. It is a very beautiful piece. We have bought several pieces from you and they all are outstanding and beautiful. Thank you, Gary
Linda S. review of Rainbow Mystic Topaz Drop Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver
Linda S.
Hi, Folks.... I am sending these photos to you to use in your reviews of this beautiful ring the Luxurious Rainbow Mystic Topaz Ring - 925 Sterling Silver which I ordered on your first day of selling on Each of these girls were thrilled to receive these rings and it is as beautiful as they are!! They are 2 of my 4 granddaughters and they agreed to model the ring for you so you can place this review on your website or FaceBook. I cannot give their names but they are 27 and 22 year...
Toni P. review of Ruby Gold Plated Ring
Toni P.
I love your jewelry. I have had some delivery problems and I am still waiting for a very earlier shipment that I have never received but hopefully I will get it soon. Your jewelry is beautiful and I get compliments all the time. Your customer service is wonderful.
Priscilla M. review of Beaded Hamsa Hand Necklace
Priscilla M.
Hand is very well made and not as delicate as I was expecting it to be. Picture does not do it justice. Bought it to hang on the mirror in my new car and I love it. Chain was too long so I simply doubled it by running it through the loop again and it is perfect.
Claudia B. review of Rainbow Mystic Topaz Crystal Bracelet
Claudia B.
It is absolutely beautiful. The stone are true to color , excellent quality. Given so many compliments on it. It does run a little small but I have small wrist 6 1/4 in , but it fits me perfectly. Love it.
Darlene M. review of Morganite Quality Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (Unisex)
Darlene M.
I love this ring very much it looks like an antique ring and I get compliments from it thank you very much really love it , it was more then I ever expected !
Dale G. review of Blue Sapphire Opal Ring
Dale G.
Received my beautiful ring the other day. This is my first time ordering and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and fit of the ring. The colors have amazing depth. I don’t have large hands and was concern it might be too big for my finger, but it fits perfectly. I can wear it on several different fingers which leaves room for more rings!
Amanda K. review of Unique Cross Vintage Ruby/Sapphire Ring
Amanda K.
I really like this ring. I didnt realize it was so large or i may not of ordered it but im so glad i did cause i actually really like it and it looks great on.
Chuck K. review of Beautiful Tree & Flower Opal Ring
Chuck K.
I am very pleased with my ring. The fit is perfect, the stone is larger than I expected and the design is full of delicate and pretty detail. It also arrived sooner than I thought it would! I will definitely shop with you again....thank you.
Wendy C. review of Freshwater Pearl Silver Necklace
Wendy C.
A truly stunning piece. I expected it to be a lovely setting but was very much surprised to find how truly beautiful this necklace was in reality. The photos don’t do it justice.
Annette M. review of Huge Garnet Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring
Annette M.
I reall y could not tell the way the ring was designed with both stones. It was better then expected and the design is one of a kind. I get lots of compliments .