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undefined review of Reusable Stainless Steel Insulated Food & Drinks Cup 300ml - Skulls & Roses image 1 out of 1
Sarah H.Verified
I was thrilled to see this skull cup at ‘kneepillow’ and was also very impressed with the prompt delivery. I can now enjoy my post swim oat cappuccino in my cool reusable cup, I love it!
Reusable Stainless Steel Insulated Food & Drinks Cup 300ml - Skulls & Roses
undefined review of Memory Foam Neck Pillow image 1 out of 1
Jordan S.Verified
I absolutely love the pillow, but the pillow is too small. I’ve tried numbers of times to contact you and email you to try and exchange it for a bigger size but no one has replied to me so I’m very disappointed with the feedback. All I wanted was an exchange but no one has helped me. Your exchange policy and Your feedback to change an item hasn’t been helpful at all , but the pillow is fantastic.
Memory Foam Neck Pillow
undefined review of Pulp Fiction Poster Guns 154 image 1 out of 1
Colin R.Verified
I saw the poster on utah airguns walkthrough wednesday & put in a internet search found it online ordered it &received it pretty quick
Pulp Fiction Poster Guns 154
undefined review of Sero Pressure Cushion image 1 out of 1
Jon T.Verified
I have had different chairs and cushions over the years but this one really is the best i have used. Working from home 8 hours a day and being on the larger side, this has felt really comfortable.
Sero Pressure Cushion
Jill D.Verified
I bought three for Harry Potter fans and we love them. One has been put on a school bag zip, one as a necklace and the other as a charm. Brilliant quality and fast, easy delivery.
Harry Potter Silver Plated Charm Deathly Hallows
Emily T.Verified
This has been an absolute life saver. I’ve always tossed and turned in my sleep but obviously with pregnancy we’re encouraged to sleep only on our left side. I also started experiencing lower back pain during my second trimester and this has helped massively. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. Even my dog loves it!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Beth H.Verified
Fantastic product! I purchased the leg raising pillow as I am recovering from a dislocated kneecap and torn MPFL. I need to sleep with my knee raised to help the swelling go down and have also found that this has helped to reduce stiffness and the overall pain as a result of it. Really happy with my purchase.
Leg Rest - Leg Raiser
John F.Verified
We ordered this for our elderly father who is suffering with back pain due to cancer. It has enabled him to sleep and relieve pain on the spine, it’s been our best buy in trying to alleviate pain.
Bed Wedge Pillow For Sleeping Upright
Toni H.Verified
The double dish wax burner is just as seen on website. Customer service is disgraceful though, as I had a follow up order placed, and was emailed by PayPal saying my order was cancelled. I received no communication from KNEEPILLOW when this has happened, and have had no response from emails I have sent them.
Ceramic Oval Double Dish and Tea Light Oil and Wax Burner - White
Jenny H.Verified
First good night's sleep for months, the pillow gives support for my knees and hips and stops me rolling onto my back. Tempted to buy a second one for naps on the sofa as it's a bit too big to lug up and downstairs all the time!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Vian R.Verified
It was suggested by my ENT consultant that it could help with my Acid Reflux problem. It has certainly helped. What I was not expecting was that it also seems to have produced relief for my painful neck problem. This has been with me for a long time so to wake up without the pain is great.
Bed Wedge Pillow For Sleeping Upright
Heidi B.Verified
This is an amazing pillow!! I'm disabled so use it to help me get comfortable,its so good to help with my back and hips.This is the best I've purchased yet.Well worth the money.
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Sorrel D.Verified
I bought this because I'm experiencing some knee pain from a torn meniscus and Baker's cyst on the same leg - nice! The pillow provides great relief, cushioning one leg from the other, and also gives great comfort and is good to hug/throw an arm over. It's also great to prop yourself up for your morning cuppa or to watch TV at night. Great quality, comes with its own white pillowcase. Perfect. Buy with confidence. It's good.
Bolster Body Hug Pillow for Side Sleepers
Lucy D.Verified
I bought this when I was 18 weeks pregnant and it has absolutely changed my life! I cannot sleep without it now. I actually love my pillow and I could not recommend it enough!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Ari M.Verified
Ordered this very special Man City football while on holiday and it arrived just as we got back. My son is obsessed with it- great quality and arrived quickly. Also eve more special because it’s not for sale on Amazon. Would order again- thank you!
Manchester City FC Football Signature Gold PH
Michelle S.Verified
I actually bought the pillow to help me recover from an abdominal hysterectomy. It’s been invaluable in helping me manage my condition prior to my operation and during my recovery. I thought I’d keep it only until I recovered but I can’t see me wanting to part with it!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Ceinwen R.Verified
This is the best thing since sliced bread! Ideal for me just now as just recently had major hip surgery and having to sleep on my back. Very comfortable as a base and can add and arrange other pillows as necessary. I'm a very pleased customer - many thanks!
Bed Wedge Pillow For Sleeping Upright
Christina T.Verified
Made such a difference to being able to sleep. Keeps me on my side so I don’t wake up worried I’m on my back and has helped relieve hip pains. Getting much more sleep since purchasing it. Love it
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Susan D.Verified
My mum was 91 years young, lost a lot of weight with I'll health. Having the boney steat, back and arm protection allowed mum to sit in her wheelchair more comfortably for long periods of time. Mum was really pleased with the product and used it every day. Unfortunately mum passed away recently . My only regret is I did not buy the product sooner for her.
Ripple Wheelchair Comfort Seat Liner
Cheryl A.Verified
These onesies are so soft and very well made, my friend that is a West Ham fan was over the moon to see our baby with these on. They took a long time to get here to Texas but well worth the wait.
West Ham United FC 2 Pack Bodysuit 9-12 Mths ST
Tracy R.Verified
Bought it for my Mum who is very frail and has Alzheimer’s Disease. Changed the waterproof cover as she was sliding off it but the cushion has made her wheelchair much comfier and helped to relieve pressure which was making her sore. I would definitely recommend this product.
Sero Pressure Cushion
Mina A.Verified
I brought this pillow for my dad as he’s suffering from swollen legs and feet due to chemo. The pillow arrived within a few days and my dad was very pleased with it he said it’s very comfy, the height of it is just right and it helps a lot with the swelling when he uses it. I Just wish I could find a permanent solution for it.
Elevating Leg Rest Pillow
Virginie L.Verified
I'm from belgium so, I don't speak english very well. I love Harry Potter and like to collect heaps of objects like his films. I have lot of jewelry, 4 glasses boxes, a blanket, an other Luna Lovegood mug, a phone case, and I really like this mug, gold on black. Super for a phoenix. Thanks a lot
Harry Potter Shaped Mug Phoenix
Andrew L.Verified
I made my first purchase and I live overseas. so was a little nervous. but everything went smoothly and I'm very happy with my purchase delivery was swift and overall was a good experience. I would not essetate to make further purchases. cheers ANDREW LAMBERT
Leeds United FC 1992 Strachan Signed Shirt (Framed)
Susan J.Verified
I am thinking "where's my damn order?" I understand it is coming from England and it can take a minute but it has been 5 weeks or so. I have to consider this if I want to reorder.
Banjara Nag Champa Smudge Incense Sticks
Heather P.Verified
Bought this for my adult daughter who due to cyst on brain is experiencing terrible headaches and sleep patterns . Can't send video as it's in her own home . She requested this .
V Shaped Support Pillow
Keith B.Verified
I found the pillow very comfortable to use and would recommend this to anyone who is looking for something to use in bed or just to keep the legs raised.
Elevating Leg Rest Pillow
Angela R.Verified
We have used the pillow for my friend who is a dementia sufferer in a care home. She is unable to move herself and the pillow acts as support to keep her comfortable and free of pressure overnight. I'm sure your pillows would help other care home residents not just pregnant women. I would like to enquire if you do a waterproof cover? Obviously I don't want to send a photo but would like to order a further pillow, would I be able to get the 15% discount offered? Kind regards. Angela Rob...
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Catherine P.Verified
I was looking for a Stephen King mug when I came across your heat changing mug. It was amazing!! I bought two so I could give one to my son as well. I'm very impressed with the quality of this product.
IT Heat Changing Mug Pennywise
Annina A.Verified
Tried a different pregnancy pillow before finding this one. I couldn’t sleep at all with the other one, but this one has made side sleeping so much easier and more comfortable. Really happy with it!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Helen C.Verified
Arrived quite quickly. Is a little heavier than I expected, however that’s not such a bad thing as it doesn’t move around in the night. This has helped with my knee pain at night, and can finally get a good nights sleep. Wish I’d bought one sooner!
Leg Rest - Leg Raiser
Pearl P.Verified
Amazing pilliow but the colour grey which i ordered looks more like a purple colour. Would recommend getting white as the grey isnt grey at all and looks ugly! But its perfectly doing the job!
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Doreen C.Verified
It was for my friends birthday a keen in fact fanatical Tottenham supporter she sent photos of it to everybody , she absolutely loved it . The quality was superb , we were absolutely delighted with it .
Tottenham Hotspur FC Street Sign NV
Rakhee M.Verified
Absolutely brilliant! I have slept so well since using this pillow and it’s helped with my pregnancy aches and pains. It also has the perfect amount of stuffing. Definitely recommend
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
undefined review of U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow image 1 out of 1
I love this pillow. I have had other body pillows to help with my aching back, knees, hands and neck. This one wins, hands down
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
undefined review of U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow image 1 out of 1
Marie D.Verified
Worth every penny! This has SAVED me during the third trimester discomforts and pains. I'm SO GRATEFUL for this pillow, and to my husband for getting it.
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Emily D.Verified
I'm at about 18 weeks pregnant and was having lower back pain that was causing me to toss and turn all night. I've used this pillow for the past two nights and have been sleeping like a baby! I think I might even be sleeping better than I did before I got pregnant.
U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow
Cassandra N.Verified
This is the best pregnancy pillow out there. I live in Switzerland and couldn’t find anything comparable. After ordering one for my mothers house in the Uk, I had to have one sent to Switzerland too. It arrived very fast and there was no shipping charge. I love the way it supports my back too.
Pregnancy Pillow
undefined review of Harry Potter Paper Light Shade Gryffindor image 1 out of 1
Katarzyna W.Verified
Definitely not recommend THIS SHOP, not product. Item arrived broken, with many holes, the seller ignores messages, replies once a week 'we will send a replacement tomorrow' and so every week... wasted money and nerves, unprofessional and disrespectful approach to the customer... think before you buy here
Harry Potter Paper Light Shade Gryffindor
undefined review of Harry Potter Single Duvet Set Hogwarts image 1 out of 1
Kevin A.Verified
Poor I have ordered a duvet set. The product was ripped and the stitching poor. I would like a refund and to return the product. So far I have been ignored Very bad customer service
Harry Potter Single Duvet Set Hogwarts ReviewsMore details