Snow Teeth Whitening™ At-Home System [All-in-One Kit] - Reviews

By Snow Teeth Whitening
Misty O.
Definitely my teeth are whiter!! My husband is jealous
Jamie T.
I’ve done Crest white strips back to back with no results, I used the Snow White system and saw results in a few days! I was so impressed I told my neighbor about it and with out hesitation he bought it on the spot and is seeing a difference!
Raul H.
Working great. Love results so far!
I'm extremely satisfied with the results that I have seen thus far. I love the convenience of being able to whiten my teeth at home. My husband and I both use the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit and I can't stop telling him to smile and show me his teeth. They're absolutely beautiful. I'm a true teeth freak and I've made my entire family teeth freaks too. You have gained more loyal customers with us.
Bethany H.
I absolutely love this product, Ben using it less than a month 10 minutes a night, no sensitivity and am pleased with the results. I am an avid tea drinker and light cigarette smoker, so i need something that worked with little to no sensitivity, this product is it for me.
Misty O.
I love it!
Misty O.
Great product
Jennifer G.
Loving this product so far! Super easy to use!
ellie v.
absolutely love! I didn’t think it would actually work but my teeth have never looked better! I’ve been using it for a little over a month and I can’t stop!
Lynnae D.
I love it! Zero sensitivity and quick results!
Michael N.
Delivers results as expected!
Matthew W.
I seen the difference it makes after a couple of uses
Victor M.
This product came at a great price.
Daralyn S.
I used snow everyday for 21 days and was very impressed by the results!
Traci E B.
I have sensitive teeth and have not been able to use any whitening product. I’m also concerned about safety. Snow teeth whitening exceeds my expectations!
Shannon B.
I love this whitening. And no sensitivity !
Misty O.
My own primary physician told me my teeth look great ( without even asking!) I see a brightness that wasn’t there before. Easy to use- just staryed needing a bit of the snow chap stick before and after which is working to soften my lips
Jennifer B.
Good product and very easy to use.
Michael R.
I took a chance, wasn’t sure it would work... I was a smoker for 15 years, but after just 2 weeks, you would never know! Dedicated SNOW customer... I recommend the high strength serum!
richard h.
kristin h.
I got the BOGO and as you see from the picture my daughter is very excited to use the bonus set! I have been using mine for over 2 weeks, am 56 with dingy teeth, and this product works! Will continue and just ordered more refills. I have a very large family, and I’m pretty sure my brothers and sisters are jumping on the SNOW board too! Thanks for a great product! I’ve used a whitening system before and my teeth were so sensitive after a very short time I had to quit. I don’t have ANY sensitivit...
Liliana S.
It’s amazing how you see results fast
Bryann B.
I love this product!! I have problems with whiteners because of tooth sensitivity but this doesn’t bother my teeth at all. I use once a day for 20-30 mins and I have noticed a huge difference in how white my teeth have become since using SNOW. 🖤
Misty O.
I have really yellow teeth, and I’ve tried many teeth whitening products and nothing worked. I even went to a professional but it went only two shades lighter. It has only been 11 days since I used snow, but my teeth went like 4-5 shades lighter, maybe even more! This picture shows the first day I used snow, that is March 1 and my teeth now after 11 days! I can’t wait till I finished 30 days! Thank you!!! Kristine R.
Michaela D.
I cannot recommend snow enough!
Misty O.
I have really yellow teeth, and I’ve tried many teeth whitening products and nothing worked. I even went to a professional but it went only two shades lighter. It has only been 11 days since I used snow, but my teeth went like 4-5 shades lighter, maybe even more! This picture shows the first day I used snow, that is March 1 and my teeth now after 11 days! I can’t wait till I finished 30 days! Thank you!!!
jenna r.
This really works. I am now a believer! I have gotten many compliments.
George S.
I seen the results on the 2nd Day.. I drink coffee and used to smoke.. Not anymore after I seen the Results. The “Snow” is for the “Show!” Thanks
Sonya H.
I have had great results from using SNOW. I have ordered more products and referred to all of my friends. I don’t have any sensitivity. 30 minutes a day for 21 days is easy to do. I love my smile.
Misty O.
I just had 5k done on orthodontic work and did not want yellow teeth 🦷 from coffee and tea 🍵 ☕️ stains. Make the most of a beautiful smile 😬... If it’s good enough for the Gronk it’s good enough for me! Works longer ashamed to smile!! Beautiful white teeth 🙏🏼
Misty O.
Love the ease of use😊I smile every time I look in a mirror!
Michaela H.
I have always had teeth that were too sensitive for whitening products but Snow works great! I'm using it to prepare for my wedding and it is working great! My future husband and I love using it together! Thanks Snow!
Jim D.
I’m only one week in to the process and already seeing/happy with the results. It will only get better
Joanna L.
Love it, and love using it. Me and my partner both have it and are excited Everytime we do it and see more whiter teeth .
Cameron T.
Love SNOW! I have sensitive teeth and this does not give me any sensitivity at all. The whiten strips from the store always gave me sensitivity and I couldn’t wear them the full time!
orla r.
I have always had yellowish teeth as have lupus and tried some many methods to whiten teeth with no success. Using sno for last three weeks my teeth are a lot brighter and whiter. Love it.
Sally G.
Absolutely love my teeth .. amazing product !!
N. S.
Well, at first I was alittle disappointed because when I received the system none of my devices were a fit. So I had to put off the whitening until I received the battery pack system. But since then my teeth have been covered in snow pearly white!!!
Ashton S.
Love it so much!! Honestly, I can see a huge difference!
Dr. J.
My wife and I just started the 21 days and we've already noticed differences after 3 days! VERY happy:)
Melissa L.
Worked after one use
gail b.
Amazing product! My teeth are many shades lighter and I have NO sensitivity. I have tried many other products and none of them worked for me. finally...success!!!
shannon b.
At first I had to see the reviews because i didn’t want to buy another teeth whitening kit that either took too long to see results or made the sensitivity of my teeth work. It was way better than I expected, within 3-5 days I started to see results.
matthew H.
Snow has made my teeth look better than ever
Krista B.
Love it !
Meredith W.
I have only whitened about 7 times and my teeth are noticeably whiter.
david b.
Love it! Best part is how Mobil and convient Snow is to use! Took mine on vacation!
Eric K.
Cuples that snow together grow together
Sonya T.
I love my Snow Kit. My teeth look amazing and it worked immediately
Damon D.
Def love me and my girl
Melissa v.
My teeth are definitely whiter however I was hoping they’d get even whiter and stay whiter. I feel like they lose a little of the initial whiteness after a day or so. Overall I’m really happy with it and I would recommend it!
Stephen K.
Already purchased more for our whole family
Matt L.
Very impressed with snow, I have never used a teeth whitening system before and was very surprised at the results i have had with snow! I’m actually having people notice how white me teeth have become!
Misty O.
It’s great
Ty D.
Just started. Can't wait to see the results!
Ingrid M.
I use it everyday and can see such a difference. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
Amber W.
So far, I think I can tell a difference
Jenny K.
Love my Snow Teeth Whitening kit!:)
Nancy S.
I've only been using snow for about two weeks but I'm already seeing results and it's so easy/convenient to use! I can whiten while I'm working, watching TV, scrolling on my phone -- and walk around while doing it!
Kenneth G.
Great product, on day 6 and seeing results already
Michelle S.
I was pleasantly surprised at the level of results I received from this product! I started to see results after just a couple days. I’ll never use anything different!
Anthony Y.
Within a week or two of using the product, I immediately started seeing results.
Anthony B.
Bought 3 for my family and they love it also.
Tameka B.
First couple days and I can see the results, awesome!
Snow has such positive reviews that we had to try for ourselves. They were also offering an amazing BOGO deal for the Black Friday Holiday - perfect for Christmas! We were amazed at the results on the first day. We should've taken before photographs and forgot but we were about a 6 on the enamel color chart. We whitened for 30 minutes the first day and then looked at the chart again - down to a 5! Yay! We will continue to use and support this brand! Thank you!
Jon-Michael P.
I love that it plugs into multiple of my devices.
Only have used for 3 days but am seeing a difference already!
Vanessa I.
I had reasonable expectations for whiter teeth but I have to say that SNOW exceeded my expectations. I have gotten so many compliments after the first 3 weeks of use. I love it!
Florence P.
I’ve been using snow teeth whitening for 13 days straight now & am already seeing a difference! I like that it’s easy to use & portable. At first, I wasn’t sure if I could see a difference but I also knew it would take more than a couple uses. Probably a week in I thought maybe I saw a difference but in the last few days I see the difference is clear! My smile is now two shades whiter & I love it!
Shawn M.
So far so good. Snow has given me a brighter smile and improved the look of my teeth. Any staining that may have been on them is melting away to whiteness!!
Rachael F.
Am loving this and have noticed a different after using it only 3 times. This product is so easy to use. Love it. 😀😀😀😀😀
Ave W.
Love it!!
Joseph C.
Easy, works, and NOOOO sensitivity. Couldn’t use strips because of that. Nothing with this product!!
Love the convenience and the quality of the product!
Gail B.
Love it! Easy to use!
Misty O.
Me and my gf love Snow. It works great and no sensitivity!
John V.
Misty O.
Easy to use. I have no sensitivity problems like I have in the past with other products. It works great!
Magdalena P.
Great product!! Visible results after one week!
Magdalena P.
I saw the results after first week. After that time it got better and better! Love my snow whitening!!!
Alison W.
I love this system!! It is so easy to use ( and has become a part of my “before bed” routine- hence me wearing PJs in my pic), and I could see a difference after just one use! Another thing I greatly appreciate is that my teeth don’t hurt! Most whiteners really make my teeth sensitive, but Snow does not!!
Dawn G.
Love this device! Just wish my cord that plugs into my iPhone worked all the time! I’ve noticed a big difference in a short time!
Anthony Y.
At first it was weird to use. But after getting more used to it, it became easier to use and you can see the difference.
Erin F.
Great results after 7 days
Wendy K.
Love using Snow .. it was easy and fun
kenneth J.
So since I posted my review on the serums yesterday. I thought that I would show my love too the mouthpiece n since receiving another yesterday after being refunded it due to it being defective. So finally received it yesterday again n since yesterday n today. I’ve only done 30 minutes and you can absolutely see that I did go a shade back in the seven days that I was without my product or my mouthpiece should I say but in 30 minutes. it brought me back into the white zone. Five stars on th...
Kristina S.
Love the results. It’s so easy to use!
Nell B.
I do it in my private office! Occasionally someone walks in but they end up being interested in it!
Brian T.
40 years of smoking + snuff + cigars + coffee = natural teeth much yellower than bridges and caps = yucky-looking teeth = hesitant smile. Three weeks of Snow Whitening Use = yellow teeth already almost match color of caps and bridges. Impressive results on teeth that I did not expect much of a change of color. I am thrilled with the results so far and look forward to even more improvement!!!! Oh, and, yes, smiles are much more readily available :-)
Lori K.
I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised, after only 2 weeks the difference is visible. can't wait to see after the full 21 days.
Dayton R.
Love the design & the results, I have experienced no sensitivity in comparison to other products. It's a win for me!
Kelly C.
I was skeptical at first because of the price but after I saw a discount code and lots of reviews, I thought I would try it out. I am a week in and I have already started noticing a small difference. The yellowish color that drives me nuts is starting to fade. Even after the initial 10 minute light period, I love that I can keep the light in but unplug it to keep the gel in place. I am anxious to see the end results. I highly recommend it even early on.
Rosemary P.
This is by far the best purchase that I’ve made all year! The results are phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Snow for making an easy to use at home product that truly works!
Renee D.
This is the best product I have ever used! I am in love and definitely recommending to friends and family!
David J.
2 Weeks in a & I can already see a difference - easy to use, fine on my sensitive teeth :-)
Heiko K.
Amazing Product! The change it brought in such a short time is crazy and without any problems. Even though I have sensetive teeth I had no problems/no pain using SNOW The best you can get for little money
Linda S.
I wished I had taken a before pic , because the transformation is incredible, I’m 59 years old and my teeth look amazing, makes me look so much Younger!!
Lisa C.
It is very easy to use. The price was not what I expected. I have been extremely happy with Snow Whiteing System. Would recommend this to anyone. Thanks Snow!!
Misty O.
After trying teeth whitening at my dentist, didnt think you could get white teeth without getting sensitivity (which i suffer from pretty bad). But to a huge surprise after trying Snow, i only got sensitivity ONCE, only in one tooth (the most sensivite-prone one), it wasnt bad at all (no painkillers needed) and it only lasted for about an hour.
Nechama R.
I love it!! I did not thjink it would work. But looking at my before photos, I am pretty embarrassed how my teeth look. Now that it worked so well my husband wants to start it too. Alot of people say they have no sensitivity, however , some mornings my teeth do throb. But i still have been using it bec its not as bad as a pain as all other whitening strips. This product is so easy to use.