5 in 1 wireless charger Reviews

5 in 1 wireless charger
This product fulfills the needs of users of Apple Watch V6 / iPhone 2020 / wireless Earbuds. It comes complete with QC3.0 Quick Charge Adapter and connecting leads. In my opinion the charger is good quality and well made. It definitely meets all my needs.
5 in 1 wireless charger
Powderhoundii .
Finally I have a stand which will charge all the essential gadgets which I need to charge every night. The charger came with its own power cable, all I have to do is place my phone, pods and watch next to the charger plates, no need to remove covers and in the morning they are all fully charged.
5 in 1 wireless charger
Adam A.
It have saved me from forgetting to charge my apple watch, and the added bonus of be able to charge your phone wirelessly whilst also watching movies. ACE!!
5 in 1 wireless charger
Andy .
This actually does what I want it to. My bedside table finally looks tidy and it's nice to be rid of all of the wires.
5 in 1 wireless charger
Rez .
I love that it’s sturdy and can fold flat when not in use. It charges quickly too! Great value for money!
5 in 1 wireless charger
Gary P. G.
The package arrived very compact showing it can be an essential travel companion.
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