WonderCovers™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover Reviews

WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Margaret K.
My fiance and I are the (slightly ashamed) owners of an inherited plaid couch. It was just so plaid you guys, like the most plaid ever. Anyways, it used to live in our guest room, where I didn't have to think about how visually abrasive it was, but we just moved into a smaller place and it became our main couch. Faced with the choice of buying a new couch (no) or fixing this one (tough) we got this sofa cover thinking we didn't have much to lose. Truthfully, we thought sofa covers only created s...
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Sarim P.
Fast delivery. I just received this two seater sofa covers for my sofa & loveseat. I was going throw away my fake leather sofa because of the peeling but then I decided again to buy a different sofa slipcovers & this truly blow my mind. It look so nice & feel soft too on my so sad sofas. Even my dog loves it. If u have a so sad sofa like I do, don�t throw away but try one of these sofa slipcovers. I will definitely buy a couple more so I can change up & wash the use one. Hopefully you have more ...
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Kayla H.
The fabric is soooo soft and it looks so beautiful on my couch. I was really worried when I ordered this that the fabric was that kind of fabric that grabs at your skin, but this fabric is incredibly soft. It made my really boring couch 200 times better.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Harrison C.
I, could not wait to write a review just received my item about 30 minutes ago. It was a simple install. looks perfect ! Feels so soft, it took a harsh cold room to a soft updated room so easy to install !! It seems as though it's going to be secure and doesn't seem to slip and slide around . I at this point could not be happier thank you
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
This sofa cover is EVERYTHING. My couch is old and has a lot of curves. I've tried multiple couch covers and have never been able to find one that conforms to the shape of my couch. They've always ended up having lots of extra fabric along the corners or, in some cases, don't fit at all on the back, and end up looking really frumpy. The fabric on these is incredibly stretchy and super soft! My partner and I we're easily able to fit it all the way down over the back and tie it underneath and the ...
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Sim C.
I bought the cover mainly because of it's color, it matches with my new grey carpet. And after setting up the cover I got a new look for my living room. To set up the cover I would say to read the instructions first though it's very easy but you need a hand to set it up. Not possible to set up the cover by yourself. It has both couch and love seat size. It's super comfortable and smooth.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Annie G.
10/10 would buy again! This product is so soft! Like seriously, want sheets made of this. It was easy to install although I did have to use hand towels instead of the foam pieces it comes with for by the arms. It looks like the picture and seems to be made well. Honestly I�ll probably buy more in other patterns so I can switch them out and wash them (because pets ??)
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Anny F.
I�ve tried numerous and far more expensive slipcovers and none have compared to this one. It�s a slipcover so no it�s not perfect but you will not find a better one, it fits great, was easy to use, and the little foam bars really help to keep it tucked in. Plus, it�s pretty! My only regret is that I forgot to take a before picture.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Chad B.
Really soft and comfortable, it is still in good shape even with two large dogs playing on it. The material is long lasting, looks really good and can be shaped to most couches. I got to go over my dark brown sofa which I was tired of looking at it gave my living room a fresh look. Fit perfectly and you cant see the dark drown underneath which I was worried about. Will be purchasing more for my basement furniture.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Baby T.
�i have a 2-seat sofa. it is so old and stained. but since it is real leather, the replacement of leather will be so expensive and i didn't want to spend that much of money. and also i was sick of the design of it. so i decided to buy the cover to feel new furniture. and it fits perfectly and so pretty. i got the Vinnie Geometric one and the pattern is so pretty. the linen itself is strong and stretchable so doesn't make any tension when i sit on the sofa. it is great sofa cover with this amount...
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Deborah Y.
I normally never leave reviews but this is worth it. I have a rather large couch (in terms of girth, length is average) and it fit my couch perfectly! I have a one year old and an 11 year old. I bought this to protect my furniture more so from my one year old and his occasional sticky hands. Works great. No slipping, no pulling.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Elly V.
Absolutely love this cover It was easy to put on and fits great. I have 2 cats and this will definitely help with all the fur mud sand they track in All I will have to do is take off and wash not to mention I wont have sand piles in the couch anymore as this covers the whole couch in one piece extra bousus its affordable I can buy different styles when I want to change things up maybe they should start some holiday themed covers !!!!
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
I have tried MANY slip covers over the years, and this is the best i have ever used. It's a perfect fit and doesn't go all over the place when you sit on it. My 3 year old jumps onto it regularly, and it only sometimes needs to be tucked into the sides a bit. Highly recommend. I wish there were more solid color choices!
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Jennifer A.
We were given an old couch from my boyfriends great aunt that we have in our basement. The pattern on it was not cute and out dated so I needed something to revamp it. This did the job. It looks updated and clean. I LOVE it! It's very stretchy and the material is thick. I would highly recommend.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Brenda T.
So far I love it. It was fairly easy to put on once we figured out which was the front and which was the back. This sofa is bright red with unattached pillow backs. I was really worried that the red would show through and it doesn�t. So far, it is keeping the pillow backs in place. I just have to fluff them from time to time. It really changed the look of the sofa and stayed in my budget. I can�t wait to get the rest of the room together now.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Scott N.
A great value and nice design. I've gotten a lot of compliments. I purchased the slip cover to help keep the cushions on my couch in place. It's also helping to keep the couch clean from our 2 dogs and active toddler!!! Great design. Simple directions. Many design options to choose from.
Brian P.
This colorful, soft sofa cover is an attractive way to protect your valued furniture. I really like the floral pattern. The cover is made of stretchy elastic material that fits the sofa snugly but is also easy to put on. It also comes with a free pillowcase. Great value for money!
Vanessa R.
Love the material. Just enough stretch without being too tight. Looks fantastic on my couch. Will definitely recommend for a house with small children and pets. Easy to slip off and on to wash.
I absolutely love these, we have regular couches on our deck under a gazebo but the dog is light haired and so these work great, they are nice and cool when it is warm out and the clean nice.
Vincent A.
Super cute cover. And really stretchy and covers the color underneath. You will have to work with the material to make sure the excess material gets tucked or use some pins. I got some cheap couches and used these covers to get them to fit with my decor. Definitely something to try if you dont want to throw away your furniture.
Takes a little bit of time to set it perfectly but worth every penny n effort. The quality of the cloth is excellent and it�s elegant as well. Highly recommended
So far; so good. Super easy to put on and a great way to buy some time when you have kids/dogs and don�t want to invest in new furniture quite yet. Very soft fabric.
Peter B.
This is gorgeous. It is very soft and stretchy, easy to install and even though I used a loveseat cover for a chaise, I was able to make it fit snugly and beautifully thanks to the little foam tubes they supply for putting in all the creases. I wish I had more ugly furniture to cover, I love it so much! Extremely pleased!�
Randy V.
Lovely sofa cover. Soft nice material. Easy to fit stays nicely even with dogs on and off sofa. Nice colors. That is not green more bright yellow. It still works well. Fast delivery.
Hillary I.
After going through the reviews,I decided to order for the 3 and 4 seaters for my loveseat and sofa respectively. I am happy I did. It was so easy to fix them and my couches now look beautiful and feel soft to sit on.
Toni G.
I have a huge sectional with a chaise on one side. Ordered a 4 seater and 3 seater. All fit great and the look is amazing. Brand new furniture.There is enough stretch in the fabric so it doesn't pull out everytime you sit or get up. In awe of the quality for the price....very happy!
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Nancy F.
I�m in love with this sofa cover! It makes my old sofa looks like brand new! The material is so soft and very stretchable. i have huge 3-seat sofa. it is so old and stained, so i decided to buy the cover to feel new furniture. and it fits perfectly and so pretty. It did take 2 of us to put this on our sofa. I do wish it came with instructions but using the pictures on the listing did help. The colors on these are really pretty and vibrant. Definitely recommended. Very satisfied for this product!
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Dandy Y.
Love this cover. The design is striking. Made our 11 yr old couch look brand new and really makes the living room look put together. Very easy for two ppl to get on (less than a minute), haven't tried this solo yet but doesn't seem difficult - there is a little tag telling you back left bottom corner. The construction and seams are structured so this isn't like throwing on a shapeless blob. I was worried about pet hair (we have a pug and she sheds!). This doesn't hold the hair at all! She still ...
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
I really am pleasantly surprised by this cover. We have two cats and two toddlers so we constantly struggle with abuse to our sofa. It was a little tricky to fit the cover on because our sofa is so heavy and we like moving our sofa a lot so it was a little tricky trying to make sure that the feet of the sofa were still exposed. Honestly it�s really an affordable option and it looks really nice once it�s all put together.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
John S.
Bought this to cover a sofa my giant Irish Wolfhounds prefer for naps over their expensive dog beds. Sigh! This cover easily stretches over the sofa, and is soft and smooth. Dog hair doesn't adhere, which is a BIG plus in my household. I even bought another in a different pattern so that I can exchange the covers for washing. I'm not sure how long it will last, but overall I am very pleased with this cover.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
This fits perfectly on my sofa. I love that it is made with a really good material it feels thick, supper stretchy and it really is slip resistant. I am happy that i can sit now and not have to worry about standing up to fix the cloth every time i moved, pluss it looks great.
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
I have an abnormally large couch, and I was afraid this wouldn't fit... but I bought it anyway and I'm so glad that I did. It helped turn my ugly blue couch (which didn't fit in with the color scheme anymore) into one that we enjoy having in our living room again!
WonderCover™ Floral & Leaves Premium Sofa Cover
Via T.
So, we have a weird shaped couch and have always been hesitant to try one of these out but we went for it. I gotta say this thing is worth the money. It fits well and doesn't really have the bunching up that I have seen with other items like this. I think the item really works and for the price is more than what I initially expected. If you want a good one that really covers the sofa well. This is it. I'm actually buying the chair covers next month, I like this product so well.
Aiton C.
The material is so soft and comfortable! It was easy to put on and looks great! I have dogs so I didnt want them on my couch. I wash it often and it still looks great!
Paul G.
Love these furniture covers. Stylish, durable and machine washable. Bought a chair cover in blue to protect the chair from dog hair. Love it so much I bought a cover for each chair and the sofa in coordinating colors. When company is coming, easily removed, washed, and then reapplied to protect from pets. The gray, beige and blue coordinate wonderful together.
I was impressed on how well they fitted, could not be any happier on how good they look, the only thing that I noticed it seemed more grayish than the blue on the pic, still very happy with the product.
Wendy O.
This couch cover is a great deal. I like the feel of the fabric. It looks really nice on my couch and I like it better than the Surefit covers we have had in the past. We have the grabbers to hold it in place and it moves around much less than the other covers. It does snag easily so if you have cats expect that. We have a snag tool that we use.
Jennifer K.
I love everything about this cover. I was wondering if it was going to look better than the sheet I had thrown over my ugly 90's loveseat. It is SO much better! I don't have kids that jump all over things, so for my use it does stay put.
Johannsen P.
Fits perfectly. The ties stretch enough to hold all four corners down.My sofa doesn�t really have space to tuck in but I get why you sent them. Loved the added pillow cases. I definitely would order another. Good product so far.
Leo N.
I was sceptical about this . It was hard to figure out as it was just myself putting this on . Once I did I loved it . Lots of compliments . I'm surprised and happy
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