1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands Reviews

1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands
Julie O.
Love, love, love this product! My teeth are gorgeous now, it took a month to get them how I wished (coffee and tea drinker) and I maintain every two to three weeks for a few days 30 minutes. I tell everyone about this product-it's amazing!
1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands
Leisa G.
I love my smile more. Prior to using this product I had a front tooth that has a filling and half of it was starting to turn brown. It’s now gone. Love ❤️ it!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Patricia H.
I am so glad that I purchased Snow! I used it consistently for 21 days and saw immediate and continuing improvement in the color of my teeth. It is so effortless to use and you have the ability to multitask at the same time. I went to the dentist for my twice yearly backfill of my two front bunny teeth (I’m a grinder, despite using a night guard) and when the Dr. did a color match for the resin, I had gone 4 shades lighter! He first chose the shade A1 and said it was not white enough. He then ...
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Maria T.
I am amazed of the result I get after just a few usage. People from dental office actually notice my teeth is whiter and lots of compliments from friends and family.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Michael P.
Snow white tee product is the best thing that I invested in I recommend this tooth product to anybody which I have been doing since I invest in it thank you Teeth whitening
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Belynda M.
This stuff is AMAZING!!! My teeth are so white and I’m a smoker and a black coffee drinker and this stuff removes all stained off my teeth even my dentist couldn’t believe how white my teeth were. This works!!! ❤️❤️❤️
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Jan L.
My dentist didn't recommend whitening my teeth, he said my teeth were the whitest that he'd seen, and that I wouldn't see much difference from the charts he'd shown me. Always been happy with how white they are, but I just thought they could be brighter. Decided to give your product a try figuring, why not? Nothing to lose. So happy that I did! Really works, and I couldn't be more delighted with the results. Highly recommend!!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Linda H.
Holidays were on the way saw a Bogo lucky for that and the customer service personnel were friendly answered some concerns were promptly and were professional as well! Bought the 1 year supply and received snows signature charcoal floss! Best 1st experience and teeth are improving.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Mindy V.
I love the fact that I can use it with many different devices! I love that there is no sensitivity for me and what an amazing smile after 1-3 uses! I want that celebrity white smile and this is just how to get it!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Jack D.
It really didn't show any whitening in the beginning and that was a bummer... But, I keep doing it everyday and it has been making a better white cleaner look. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and I am getting more confident that this will be very good thing. I will continue to use the snow whitening kit for a long time... My teeth are going to be very white! :-)
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Dwight P.
I been using Snow Whitening Products for about a month and can really see the difference in the whitening of my teeth. It's amazing day by day how you can see the gradual whiteness of your teeth take place. I haven't had any sensitivity issues in all the days I've been using the product. I would highly recommend Snow to each and everybody. I've coined the phrase "get a Snow smile and put your best smile forward"
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Pamela L.
I like the product, I think it could be a little stronger. It is taking longer to get the results that I want, but I am seeing improvement after my 3rd gold wand. :)
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Danniel E.
Amazing how within day's you see the difference. Of course I was skeptical but trying it myself and noticing the difference is absolutely amazing. Even better when family & friends noticed it. Thinking I've had bleaching treatments. Definitely will be recommending it to friends. Thanks
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Lynn E.
I'm very happy with Snow. Many years ago I had had success whitening my teeth, but in recent years the solutions must have gotten weaker and I never saw much difference after repeated use. Snow was my "If this doesn't work, I don't know what" solution. And after just once or twice I began to see a difference. I feel like my teeth are as white as they were in "the old days" when I first began whitening. Thank you!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Kellie F.
I have struggled with whitening my teeth for years until snow came along! I’ve spent countless dollars on subpar products! Professional whitening is just way too expensive and isn’t great for already sensitive teeth. I am so happy I found this product!!!!🔥😁
1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands
Anna T.
Snow is easy to use and works fast! I have been using it for about 2 weeks and I am seeing a big difference!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Katarina K.
Learned about this from a family member who initially purchased the SNOW teeth whitening kit and fell in love quickly. Happy to have my own set.
1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands
Drew M.
I have noticed a huge difference in how much whiter my teeth are and I couldn't be happier! I am extremely satisfied with Snow teeth whitening!
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Lindy W.
I absolutely love the product! My girlfriend uses Snow and she has absolutely the brightest teeth! Now, she says I’m one shade right behind her! LOL
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Vicki L.
I love this product so much I gave to 6 members of my family for Christmas. It is easy and fast. Results are awesome with daily use.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
David C.
Finally a product that actually works! Smoking, coffee and wine made my teeth yellow. I was insecure and never smiled. Being in sales it makes a difference.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Dee F.
Easy to use. Love the fact I can plug he light into my computer/iPad so I can do both st the same time.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Michael P.
Snow white product is the best. I Will recommend anyone who wants to get your teeth white. Thanks Snow white Teeth products
1-Year of SNOW® Teeth Whitening Wands
Sadie Z.
My front 6 teeth are faced. The material is not able to ever get whiter than it was. The material is prone to coffee stains, this product helps remove coffee stains and freshen up the look of the bonded teeth.
1-Year of Snow Teeth Whitening Wands
Bonnie L.
So easy to use - just plug unit into cell phone & continue doing my various projects while whitening my teeth. Love it! Bonnie
Joanna R.
I'm so pleased with the results. I got great results and now use it as a maintenance program. I definitely thought I was rolling the dice in trying it at the cost but my dentist charges that for One Session! She should switch to just doing Botox - haha
Katie W.
The booster wand is much better than the regular wands….I feel like they just maintain the colour once the booster has whitened your teeth first - I’m struggling to get past shade 3 on the colour chart!!
Gary P.
I've always wanted whiter teeth ,but until Snow there didn't seem to be an affordable solution. I look forward to the outcome of contributed use of your product. Thank you Snow!
Rosita L.
Love to power it up with my smart phone, I set my phone timer while whitening. The little case is so handy and keep my device clean when I put my device away. I love the applicator on the whitening agent, it's very easy and not messy to work with.
Helen A.
I bought this for my son for Christmas. He was here yesterday and there was a big differnce in the color of his teeth. He was very happy and so was I!!
Lisa B.
My teeth looked so pretty and always have a beautiful smile so I love to show it off because I always smile and happy all the time and always in a good mood when I’m around positive people.
Jeanne D.
My daughter kept saying how great snow was meant to be and she had been talking about getting it. As my teeth were really bad I ordered both of us kits and we are really happy. My teeth are several shades lighter already nd my daughter is also very happy with her results.
Jessica B.
I love it! It’s easy to use. You put the stuff on your teeth yourself so you can make sure you get ever spot. I love how you can plug it into your phone and take it wherever you go.
Martha D.
My teeth were a grayish color. Old age, bad brushing habits in my younger days, lots of chocolate. I never thought they could be whitish or anything beyond the gray. First days use - they were whiter. Are they bright white like celebrities - no! But they are whiter than they've ever been. Couldn't ask for more! Thanks SNOW - great job!
Leonor M.
This stuff really works! I was hesitant at first but now I’m glad I went through with my purchase. My teeth are no longer YELLOW! I definitely recommend this product. I love my progress :)
Denise B.
Great product! Super easy to use! I used gold wands for 30 minutes for 30 days to achieve the shade of white I wanted. Now I will use the regular wands to keep that shade. Highly recommend!
Judith H.
Having tried many teeth whitening systems (none of which were effective), I was skeptical that this one would be any different. But it was! Snow really delivered. It took a while to get my desired result, but my smile is definitely whiter and brighter. I’m a big fan!
Roselle S.
I was soooo impressed with the product. Skeptical at first but with consistency i can vouch for this! My teeth are now commercial white as i wanted them! I have been recommending this product to my family members and friends :)
Marlo M.
LOVE the deal I got when I bought they system..I bought and extra pack with the system which gives me the ability to be able to keep my teeth white for the next year or so before I need to buy more.
Pattiann F.
I enjoyed using the snow teeth whitener. Many of my friends and family noticed and kept asking how did I get my teeth so white. I really love this product except I just ordered a year's supply of whitening wands. Then my mouth piece stop working.
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