Rewind Greens (Mixed Berry) Reviews

Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Veronica A.
Refreshing, delicious, heavenly and simply amazing!! This drink energizes my body and soul and carries me through my workouts. Love starting my days with Rewind and a sweat session! Cheers!!
Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Mike G.
Perfect set up for the day! Rejuvenating Berry smoothie with strawberries and blueberries, 1 litre of water, and almond butter & jelly bar for afternoon snack. After 4 weeks of this routine, my body feels much more energized and flexible in movement.
Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Wendy B.
I loved Ryan’s interview with Katie from the Wellness Mama. It inspired me to order the Variety Pack bars. My favorite is the Mint Brownie and my husband raves about the Almond butter and jelly. Those are perfect for him to take when he heads out fishing for the day. Will definitely be ordering more!!
Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Karen L.
Endless concoction options! I often put frozen berries in my protein smoothies, so it was natural to dump a scoop of Rejuvenating Berry into them. It tasted delicious! I couldn’t even tell I was adding greens! That just made me wonder how this would taste mixed into healthy hot cocoa. Loved it! Again, no green taste...instead, a sweetened, slight berry flavored chocolate. Yum 😋. Thanks Rewind for helping me get my daily greens and making them taste good, too!
SuperShot - Be Cool
Kim J.
I love all of the green drinks, no "green" taste here! I'm getting healthy and have a lot less pain from inflammation. Be Cool has a nice taste, easy to add to your morning/daily ritual, whatever that may be. My favorite flavor.... pineapple, berry, no peach, wait cherry I think you get the picture! Try some, Ryan stands behind his products if for some crazy reason you don't like them!
Christine B.
I could never make myself drink green drinks before, even though I knew they were good for me, but these drinks have changed my mind. They are delish and I am so happy.
Gary M.
Berry flavor is very good just wanted to try more of the different flavors but I can come back to Berry and still get great taste & the greens I need.
Kristie H.
I was skeptical that it would taste good. I have tried other drinks that made me gag. Happily I can honestly say that both me and my husband are totally amazed at how good this tastes!!!
Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Tammy L.
I love the new flavors! So easy to make a glass and go!! Thank you🤗
Green SuperJuice (Mixed Berry)
Suzanne P.
Delicious! I think the berry flavor reminds me of the taste of Hawaiian Punch!
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Debbie R.
My boys love it!
Green SuperJuice (Rejuvenating Berry Flavor)
Tammy L.
I mix this with aloe vera juice. So tasty. So nutritious. My on the go drink😊
Betty F.
Love, Love this. I also mix it with my pineapple. I have my green drink at least 3 times each day plus it keeps me full!!
Madai K.
So delicious No idea how you guys do it but I’m a customer for life !
Adrienne P.
Tastes great and really helps me feel good.
Lora U.
Great tasting green drink!
Jill S.
Rejuvenating Berry is really good have shared with friends.
Ruth L.
Love the taste wasn't sure what to expect but it was very good
Martha S.
I just received my Second container of Berry greens! They sre great! Thanks!
Ellen I.
Tastes a bit like punch that we made from powder when we were kids. I like it, and feel it will be great in a berry smoothie.
Gary M.
I like this berry flavor it completely covers all the greens taste orange was good but I could still taste the greens a little now to try pineapple.
Gail F.
The taste was so bitter that I know this drink will not work for me. Did not taste like berries at all. Sorry
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