Cool Green Shampoo Brush Reviews

Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Lisse R.
If you have scalp issues, these work great with a anti-dandruff shampoo. They are soft enough, the don't hurt your scalp, but strong enough to remove any flakey skin. They work great for me. Need to order more.
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Vikki M.
These brushes are sturdy yet gentle to your scalp. Forget all the dandruff shampoos. That and hair loss is caused from a dirty scalp. These brushes scrape all the dead skin off your scalp and that's what causes dandruff.
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Kevin T.
It fits right in the palm of my hand. It's well made and does a great job with massaging my scalp.
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Amelie H.
These things are great and most of my family now enjoy using them. Helps keep our scalps healthy and clean and head doesn't feel right if washed without one.
Shyne D.
I have dandruff from eczema and psoriasis. These brushes keep the flakes at bay better than shampoos and steroid treatments I've used in the past. My scalp feels cleaner and I do not feel as though Indeed to shampoo everyday, anymore.
Isaiah G.
There are many similar things on the market, but I think I have not seen anything better than this. It takes a lot of hair. I do not have long ... I do not need shampoo so I bought shampoo. Three ... Because it's made of silicone, it's soft. It is good not to have power. I'll write well ~
Ireka U.
Excellent head massage with or without showering. The tips are not sharp but firm enough to massage the scalp. I do not have thin hair or thick hair. It worked out pretty well for me.

I'm satisfied! I was worried that the tip would be too sharp to give a lot of pressure to my scalp, but I do not think it will be so smooth! I have a cool feeling when I wrap my head, I feel cool on my scalp when I dry it with a towel. I will keep my scalp healthy while I use it in the future! Good product fast shipping thank you. ^^
Bernice L.
This was exactly what I was looking to purchase. It seems to be sturdily constructed and the bristles are soft enough but yet comfortable for a good scrubbing of your head during shampooing.
Felize P.
Very good ! The Shampoo brush can helps massage my scalp without hurting me. Get the shampoo lathered into your hair first. The bristles are firm yet soft but not bendy.
Jamie T.
I've been trying to change my hair washing habits from daily to every other day but I noticed I still have dandruff. Since I'm a brunette, the dander really shows on day 2 and it's embarrassing, even if no one gets close enough to see it. I was actually really skeptical of this since I figured it does exactly what my nails do, but I was wrong. It feel like dozens of little nails gently scratching your head! I'm in love, I feel cleaner after I immediately noticed that in getting out of the shower...
Majdy H.
It gives hair wash a whole new meaning. It is so relaxing and easy to use and it spreads the shampoo all over your scalp and hair. I bought 2
Bradley C.
I bought it because my friend recommended it. It looks like it is hard to see, but it looks like it will hurt. None of it is hard and it is suitable for hair winding. Dyed hair, hair is so stiff when I get wet. It's moving.
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Jomar T.
Thanks to the seller for this product. Great to my hair and scalp!
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Leona Y.
Fast shipping! Great product!
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Great scalp brush. I like the scalp massage when I shampoo. This is a great way to get there.
Cool Green Shampoo Brush
Jayson O.
Awesome shampoo brush! Highly recommended!
Mel D.
Bristles are gentle but effective. Works well to loosen scaling due to psoriasis. Allows medicated shampoo to be more effective.
Roselle S.
Gives a great massage every time I shampoo my hair. Always the last thing I check for before ending a hotel stay.
I have really greasy hair, and it's been a week since I'm using this brush, and it is AMAZING I love it!!! I totally recommand it.
Junee M.
I have really thick Asian hair and this brush made it quicker and easier for me to wash my scalp!
y. park
Though I am 23, I am a stressed woman who often falls out of his head. I have a long hair, so if I do not like it, it gets worse. So I tried to use shampoo which is good for hair loss, but it has little effect. I did not expect much. It smells so good that I do not feel stressed by worrying about my hair loss.
Belle J.
It feels so good to be able to massage the shampoo in my hair as I shower. Love it!
I got this for dandruff. Works surprisingly well. Firm but not similar to metal or anything.
Joe J.
I've seen one of them. It's a tickling and a dandruff party.
My magical head massager/scratcher 💆 have just arrived! So so excited to try it today!!!!
Heide R.
It feels like the head massages you get in salons when they shampoo your hair.
I do not know if it's cooler than I thought, but I'm writing it fast and easy. It just feels cleaner.
킴 원
실리콘이 부드러워서 두피에 손상이 안가는것같아요 좋습니다. ㅎㅎㅎ
It's so cool and good.
Those who are suffering from the dandruff party at the turn of the year, buy a real one.
Good. It's cool, and my scalp is getting healthy.
Sam L.
I bought it immediately as soon as I saw it
So good! Addicted
Chanyeol K.
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