Germ Free Face Mask | Sewing Pattern Reviews

Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Virginia F.
I get a lot of compliments when I wear my mask. I've also been making them for a pastor friend's wife who is a nurse. They love them! I've also lost count of how many times I've shared a link back here because everyone loves THIS mask!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Socorro W.
I love it so much that I did a fb live recommending this pattern to all my friends, so they can make masks. I repeated several times the Mom Can Do It and the price.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Rebecca M.
I’ve made 5 masks total. My husband and I are both nurses and with the mask shortage, we are expected to wear our own mask everyday at work. I liked this design because it covered the nose and chin, even while talking.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Carin H.
This pattern was perfect for my project. I was asked to make masks for local hospitals and it was so quick and easy! I was able to sew over 60 masks in less than a week. Thank you
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Cheryl G.
I have made many for my children, grandchildren (it’s hard to find masks for young children) and for friends. I actually altered the pattern to include a wire at the bridge, and to allow me to use hair ties for the ear loops. I ask for a second measurement so that I can make sure the sides extend to just where the ear meets the face on each side, and then I snip the hair rubberband and secure it in the seam at each side. (This way, the masks are reversible if washed before switching sides.) Eve...
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
kathryn g.
I made some with elastic ties and some with fabric. I have so many orders for these, I can't keep up. Thanks for the pattern. The directions were easy to follow and it all went together perfect. I've made about 30 so far.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Yvonne O.
I have been making for family and friends. They do like the ties better than the elastic through. I cut a 1 1/2 inch strip of and fold like bias tape. I call a tri fold. Sew up on the edge and put through the edge. And knot the ends. Then you only have one tie knot. It I have also put 4 ties on the edges.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Karen r.
I made 20 masks! I am a beginner sewer and was able to understand all directions, including attaching the chin pocket. To be honest, the first mask did not turn out, but that was my learning curve being new to sewing. I made several different sizes and everyone I sent them to absolutely loves them. I backed each layer of fabric with Pellon interfacing for an increased nonwoven barrier.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Sweeney, W.
I have made and am making them and giving them away . Some people insist on paying so I ask them to donate to Dudes and Divas -my church’s dance program for adults with disabilities.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Ellery H.
I made the “fitted” version and yes it takes more time and effort so as to get the seams/rounded edges right, but the “adult” size is spot on. I measured my face the way the instructions say to, and I’d be a child size. Hm? Anyway the adult fits me right. My first attempt I wasn’t happy with the gaps it left over the bridge of the nose, so second time around (shown) I put a pipe cleaner in the top edge’s top-stitch and BAM beautiful!! I’d highly recommend the pipe cleaner trick. Cool patter...
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Rebecca M.
My son is on his first round of chemo and asked me to make him some designer flu masks. So I got busy and found your mask pattern. I used OU, Star Wars, and Halloween fabric. The best part about your pattern is there are 2 different kinds of masks that can be made. I made a a regular mask for my granddaughter so she could be like dad!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Ralph A.
Cut the pattern, watched the video and was able to construct a number of these! I loved your tutorial will be watching your page for new items to create! The pattern runs large in my opinion.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Debbie E.
I actually made the adult mask and it was way too big as you can see. My daughter is an ER nurse and it swallowed her. She is giving to a male nurse and I tried the child but found it a little small for her. Will try the in between size. I like the chin coverage.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Janiece W.
I fell in love with this the minute I saw it. I have a dear friend going through chemo so I picked some fun fabric from my stash and made one for her. I also just lost a 7 year old great nephew who battled liver cancer since he was 18 months old. My intention is to enlist my friends in joining me to make as many of these in fun, kid-friendly prints and send them to Kansas City Children’s Hospital to honor Rush. #TeamRush
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Avis D.
I love the fit of the mask. I made three and gave them to a cancer patient. I will make some more and leave them in the infusion room at the treatment center. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Love it.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Marilyn M.
Part of it is a little tricky to sew, but manageable by going slow and careful. Seems a little loose over the nose. I wonder if a 1 and a 1/2 inch of 1/8 inch elastic sewn on the inside of the nose edge would make it slightly smuggler?
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Linda S.
I caught a nasty cold , coughing, sneezing...and I didn't want to miss church so I sewed this for myself. It worked like a charm! The instructions were very clear, I enjoyed sewing the mask and my pastor thanked me for me for wearing it. He said he wished everyone was that thoughtful. Thank you for a great pattern!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Jenne D.
What I really liked was the fact that there is a very distinct chin support, it's not just a straight across mask.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Paige M.
This mask was super easy to make! We made a bunch for our work colleagues who were unable to purchase masks anywhere!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Theresa S.
I had to make the smallest pattern even smaller for my granddaughter. But it turned out fine. I just adjusted the length to her measurements. Thank you!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Cynthia K.
I added floral wire across the nose. Everybody I made them for loves them. They report very comfortable on a long shift.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
cliff c.
Easy to sew and easy to adjust to different size faces. Made these for my two RN daughters who work in critical care at a large hospital.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Nora S.
Everyone who wears the masks loves it! Will make a ton more with my tons of material and donate to the hospitals.
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Rebecca H.
The fitted mask fits perfectly. I was close to the next size up by less than .5 inches so I made that. It fits great!
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
constance f.
My daughter that suffers from severe lymes had made herself a half a dozen masks. She loved that pattern. Though it was very easy
Germ Free Face Mask |  Sewing Pattern
Rene W.
These masks are quick and easy to make up. I think a filter pocket would be a good addition to the pattern, however right now every mask is a wonderful thing to make for self and others, and even a simple two layer mask makes a difference.
Beverly W.
I now have 11 patterns for the face masks and can tell you, they are all different. I do not have the one made up from your pattern, but when I do I will send you a picture. I haven't had to make up as many as I had thought I would but it is a nice pattern and we will see how much longer the pandemic lasts. Thanks!!!
Ann S.
I made masks of the quick and easy pattern for a good friend and her adult son, her sister and sister's husband, teen aged son and adult son. Both of the adult sons heard my friend's conversation with me and shouted out that they each wanted masks. The measurments chart was ingenious. I'm just finishing a blouse and have three summer dresses to finish. In addition, I have a Mexican top to mend. When I finish the five I'll be looking for patterns. Thanks. Ann Schlabach.
mary therese L.
The simple pleated mask is fine but this one offers better coverage and stays in place well. Maybe I missed it but I would have appreciated some guidance with the length of elastic ~ easier for me to use that than deal with ties. I did figure it out and it turned out quite well. Thanks!
Debbie G.
The Germ Free mask pattern was easy to follow and it was easy to sew. I am not a seamstress and I made six of them for family members that are at risk for the virus.
Catherine K.
I love this pattern. Its easy, the picture tutorial is very helpful. I really like the pattern with the chin piece underneath, it makes it fit better. I've made 3 in various holiday patterns and a solid patterns. I am also going to add a little decoration with heat transfer vinyl and my Cricut. I definitely will be making more!
gail a.
I ordered the face mask patterned and was very pleased with the instructions that were included. I am generally a visual learner and am definitely not a skilled sewer. But, I was able to follow the pattern and made great fitting masks for my family.
Beverly W.
I am very thankful for the patterns...but I have set it aside as I had just finished SEVERAL from a pattern my daughter had sent me.....however, I am anxious to use yours and will let you know when I do. I can't believe how many different ways there are to do them....BUT...this means more people will enjoy and get wonderful use during this crisis. Yours sounds like and interesting company and so I will look forward to being able to "catch" you again. THANKS again, be safe, many blessing and b...
c w.
unfortunately, although the pattern is great, our local fabric stores are limiting people to 1 yard of fabric per trip. evidently people are buying bolts of fabric & reselling by the 12” square.... for huge money. and i cant find elastic anywhere ....i can make strings to tie but not very useful in hospital situations. i m actually going to BigLots tomoro to see if i can find cotten sheets for outer & kitchen tea towels that i can cut up & use for lining. it is a strange new world out there . n...
Karen D.
I love the mask with the chin strap. It fits well but seems to be a bit long so I just adjust at the bottom when I cut it out. It fits well and I think does a great job of securing the mask all around.
Rita G.
Good pattern. I did end up pleating the "germ" mask, seemed to fit face better. All my family and neighbors/friends got at least one mask, sometimes 2. I made 50. People were grateful. I am making more for the hospital. Thanks for your help.
Peggy C.
I have a small face so many masks, scarves; hats are too big for my small head. Mask was easy to sew and will make adjustments so fits a bit smaller.
Linda C.
Thank you so much for designing this pattern!!!! I am a retired R.N, yet I have many nursing pals still working. I have one pal that works in the ICU and is caring for COVID patients every single day. I am also making her some of these DIY masks. My husband even likes the pattern. Thanks again.
Robyn H.
I made over 175 masks for family, friends and our local hospice facility as well as my brother in-laws construction crews. Everyone loves them. This was an easy and quick pattern. Thank you 😊
Phyllis C.
My husband is going thru chemo right now, this was my main purpose for ordering. Since ordering however, we had the covid19 outbreak so I have sewn several masks and hand them out as needed. Wonderful gift to those in need♥️ Thank you for the pattern!
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